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No, this isn't really a picture of me writing articles for you (it is a filpped ter Brugghen picture) but it is true I burn the midnight oil all too often as part of the creative process.



Most weeks a new feature article is published on this website, on any one of a broad range of topics.

Here is a semi-complete listing that is typically not altogether up to date, and probably misses a few of the bonus features that are added as well.

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Table of Feature Articles

Most recent articles are at the top.

28 Jul 2007 Russian River Cruise
23 Jun Aviator Laptop Stand
16 Jun Travia - The Ultimate Book of Travel Trivia
9 Jun The London Pass
2 Jun Emergency Self-Powered Radio
19 May PicoPad Notepad and Pen
12 May Solitude II Noise Cancelling Headphones
28 Apr Self Drive Touring in New Zealand
21 Apr Airline Without a Pilot book review - read the review the author threatened to sue me about
14 Apr Bentley's Continental Flying Spur
7 Apr Iridium Satellite Phone Service
31 Mar Satellite Phone Service
10 Mar Altec Lansing AHP712i Noise Cancelling Headphones
24 Feb The Way of the Road Warrior Book Review
17 Feb Xingtone Ringtone Maker
10 Feb Motorola HS 850 Bluetooth headset review
3 Feb European River Cruising
31 Jan 2006 Christmas Markets Cruise
27 Jan 2005 Travel Insider Awards
20 Jan CoolIT USB Beverage Cooler
13 Jan 2005 Third Annual Best Travel Technology Product Award Voting
6 Jan What to See and Do in Queenstown
30 Dec Roboform Password and Form Filler review
23 Dec Effective Computer Password Management
16 Dec Ask the Pilot book review
9 Dec Mileage Pro book review
2 Dec 2005 Christmas Gadget Gift Giving Guide
25 Nov Choosing between XM Radio and Sirius
18 Nov Sirius and XM Satellite Radio Service
11 Nov What to See and Do in Rotorua
21 Oct Evac-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood
14 Oct Grundig Eton FR250 Emergency Radio
7 Oct Skype VoIP Internet Phone Service
30 Sep All about H5N1 Avian or Bird Flu
23 Sep Lightweight Duffel Bag
9 Sep How to Add Video to your VoIP Voice Calling
2 Sep How Best to Pack for Your Travels 1
26 Aug Essential Travel Tips
19 Aug Skype VoIP Internet Phone Service
12 Aug Qantas Airways Business Class review
29 Jul When to Visit New Zealand and How Long to Stay
22 Jul Planning a Vacation in New Zealand
15 Jul Salk International's Airport Transit Guide
8 Jul How Best to Use a Travel Agent
1 Jul New Zealand Tour
24 Jun United Airlines' undisclosed $15 billion asset
10 Jun Canary Wireless Wi-Fi Detector
3 Jun Parrot Easydrive Bluetooth In-car Handsfree Kit
20 May Motorola's V3 thin flip phone
13 May How to Travel around Britain by Train
6 May Book review :  Hidden Mickeys
29 Apr Pack-a-Cone Safety Cone
22 Apr Discount Airport Parking
15 Apr Book Review :  Let's Go Roadtripping USA
8 Apr The Times Crossword Puzzle gadget
1 Apr Global Riiing GSM Phone Service
18 Mar How to Cure All Types of Motion Sickness
11 Mar The Causes of Seasickness
4 Mar Swany carry-on luggage
25 Feb An Airline Passenger Bill of Rights
18 Feb We Need an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights
11 Feb Plane Quiet Solitude Headphones
4 Feb Your Rights if your Bags are Lost
28 Jan Your Rights if Your Bags Are Delayed
7 Jan Emergency Cell Phone Battery Recharger
17 Dec Steripen Water Purifier
10 Dec 2004 Christmas Gadget Gift Giving Guide
26 Nov Scotland's Islands Tour
26 Nov Scotland's Castles and Monsters Tour
19 Nov Noisebuster NBFX Noise reducing headphones review
12 Nov The Airlines' Overcapacity Excuse (and others too)
5 Nov Virgin Airlines' Upper Class Suite review
29 Oct Plane Quiet NC6 Noise Cancelling Headphones review
22 Oct 8com's BH220 Bluetooth Headset
15 Oct Bentley Continental GT review
1 Oct SIM Saver Phonebook Backup and Copy Unit review (now obsoleted)
24 Sep Digital Audio Books review
17 Sep Carry on Luggage Reviews
10 Sep Are we Safe? Are we Safer?
3 Sep How to Choose Wheeled Carry-On Luggage
27 Aug Wondervase traveling flower vase review
20 Aug Motorola V600 Quadband Cell Phone review
13 Aug Wrinkle Free Clothing When Traveling
6 Aug SIM backup and copier unit for GSM phones
30 Jul Danube River Christmas Markets Cruise
23 Jul Mobal Global Cellphones Review
16 Jul Quad Band Cell Phones Explained
9 Jul Etycom Cellphone Headset Review
2 Jul International Airline Carry-on Guidelines
25 Jun Airline Carry-on Luggage Policy Guidelines
18 Jun Airline Checked Luggage Policy Guidelines
11 Jun Features Comparison of VoIP Phone Services
11 Jun VoicePulse VoIP Phone Service
4 Jun Nonslip Travel Coin Purse
28 May London Underground Fare Guide
14 May Illustrated History of Scotland book review
7 May Coby CV 190 Noise Cancelling Headset review
30 Apr Bluetooth In-car Hands-free Kits
23 Apr Sidewinder Cellphone Battery Charger
16 Apr Expandable and Collapsible Luggage Options
9 Apr First Class Sleeper airline seat enhancer
2 Apr How to Choose a Bluetooth Headset
2 Apr Reinvigorating Rail
26 Mar The Dinosaurs Fight Back
26 Mar Koss QZ5 Noise Reducing Heaphones review
19 Mar How to Unlock your Cellphone FAQ
19 Mar Slimcam Mini Digital Camera review
12 Mar USB Flash Drives
5 Mar Leukerbad, Switzerland
5 Mar MyTag Baggage Tag Review
27 Feb Securikey USB Computer Protection Key Review
20 Feb 2003 Best Travel Technology Awards
20 Feb Extra analysis of the 2003 Awards
13 Feb Connecting to the Internet - Seven Options
13 Feb Sierra Wireless AirCard for wireless internet : Review
6 Feb Protecting a Plane against Terrorist Attack part 2
30 Jan Protecting a Plane against Terrorist Attack part 1
23 Jan Travel Insider Touring Section
23 Jan Cellboost Emergency Cell Phone Battery Replacement
16 Jan Dry Pak Protective Pouch for PDAs and Cell Phones
9 Jan Lingo Pacifica 10 Talking Translator
2 Jan Review :  Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World
26 Dec SearchAlert TSA suitcase lock
26 Dec Where's Boeing Going part 5 - Airplane Facts and Figures
26 Dec Where's Boeing Going part 4 - Boeing Today, but perhaps not Tomorrow
19 Dec Where's Boeing Going part 3 - Boeing in Decline
12 Dec Where's Boeing Going part 2 - Boeing's Best Years
12 Dec Where's Boeing Going part 1 - The Early Years
6 Dec Bluetooth Wireless Technology explained
5 Dec Christmas Gadget Gift Giving Guide
5 Dec The Boom noise reducing headset
5 Dec Skullcandy Link headset sharing device
5 Dec Nexcell NiMH rechargeable battery kit
28Nov SAMS - The Unresolved Air Security Threat
21 Nov Nokia 3650 Cell Phone review
14 Nov VoIP Telephony - Packet 8 review
7 Nov Palm Tungsten T3 PDA review
31 Oct British Airways Business Class An updated review
24 Oct Concorde - an Untimely and Unnecessary Demise (rev)
17 Oct How to Choose a Travel Agent part 3
10 Oct How to Choose a Travel Agency part 2
3 Oct How to Choose a Travel Agency part 1
26 Sep When is the Best Time to Travel part 2 (weather)
19 Sep When is the Best Time to Travel part 1 (all other issues)
12 Sep Bose Quiet Comfort 2 Noise Reducing Headphones review
5 Sep Plane Quieter :  A revised review of the excellent Plane Quiet noise cancelling headphones
29 Aug VoIP telephony - Vonage review
22 Aug Aeroflot Business Class review
15 Aug Real World Ranges for CB, FRS, GMRS and MURS Radios (part 3 of the Personal Radio Services series)
8 Aug Dining in Seattle
1 Aug Choosing the Best International Cell Phone Service for You
25 Jul Global Roaming Prepaid SIMs :  An updated review of an improved way of using your cellphone internationally
18 Jul Getting the Best Range from your CB, FRS, GMRS or MURS walkie-talkie (part 2  of the Personal Radio Services series)
11 Jul How to Stop (or at least reduce) Spam
4 Jul Book Review : 'Strategies for the Wise Passenger'
27 Jun Personal Radio Communication Services (part 1 of a 3 part series)
20 Jun Plane Quiet Noise Reducing Headset - A great value product highly recommended
13 Jun Security - A Sham or A Shambles?
6 Jun Review :  The Book of the Website - Johnny Jet
30 May AA Puts the Squeeze On - they emasculate their 'more room throughout coach' program
23 May Protect Yourself Against Loss of Documents
Part 3 of 3
16 May Protect Yourself Against Loss of Documents
Part 2 of 3
9 May Protect Yourself Against Loss of Documents
Part 1 of 3
2 May Review :  Reference Books for the Global Road Warrior
25 Apr The Virgin (Airlines) Experience
Part 2 - San Francisco to Heathrow - Upper Class
18 Apr Travel ID and Document Pouches
11 Apr Concorde : An Untimely and Unnecessary Demise
4 Apr Airline Deregulation - Should We Allow Foreign Ownership of US Airlines?
28 Mar Another Airline Bailout? Just Say No!
21 Mar The Virgin (Airways) Experience Part 1
Heathrow to San Francisco Premium Economy Class
14 Mar What Happens if an Airplane's Engines Fail?
7 Mar Free First Class Upgrades - Fantasy or Fact?
Part Two of a Two Part Series
28 Feb Free First Class Upgrades - Fantasy or Fact?
Part One of a Two Part Series
21 Feb Wi-Fi :  Wireless Internet Everywhere
14 Feb Don't Do It, Delta!  The evolution (or devolution) of frequent flier programs.
31 Jan Stop Snoops from Seeing your Screen :  3M laptop privacy filter
24 Jan BA World Traveller Plus :  A review of their midgrade cabin, halfway between coach class and business class.
17 Jan No Luggage Worries When Traveling (Luggage forwarding services)
10 Jan Driving on the Other Side of the Road
3 Jan Cruising the English Canals

20 Dec Review :  Gemtlichkeit Travel Letter.
13 Dec Six Steps to Success for United Airlines - suggestions to United now that they're in bankruptcy.
6 Dec SAMs - The New Air Security Threat - forget about pocketknives.  Here's scary information on a deadly threat to all passenger planes that no amount of security will protect against.
22 Nov This Bird Won't Fly - Delta hops on the 'low cost subsidiary' bandwagon.  I don't think it will succeed, and explain why.
15 Nov BA Business Class :  A review of BA's business class.  I was very disappointed.
8 Nov Your Rights with Bankrupt Airlines
1 Nov How to go Global Roaming with a Cellphone
18 Oct Travel Insurance - What Type Do You Need?
11 Oct Travel Insurance - Yes or No?
4 Oct Online Hotel Booking - Not Yet Ready for Prime Time
27 Sep The Internet 'Super Highway' - now in a hotel near you
30 Aug The Airlines' Fatal Mistake
23 Aug How to Make it Difficult for the Airlines to Catch You
Part 3 of 3
16 Aug Air Fare Loopholes - Legal or Not?
Part 2 of 3
9 Aug Air Fare Loopholes - The Ultimate Airline Bluff?
Part 1 of 3
2 Aug Going it Alone?  Issues to do with single travel.
26 Jul Passport Travel Newsletter - a review
19 Jul What's the Big Deal with Bags?  What is so complicated about screening checked bags?
12 Jul Fixing Fares : A Do-It-Yourself Guide
28 Jun The Amtrak Funding Scandal
21 Jun Air Fares aren't Fair
14 Jun Airfare Wars - Internet vs Travel Agencies
7 Jun Solving the Perception Problem - some suggestions for Travel Agencies
31 May Steam Train Excursions - A Day Tour with a Difference
24 May Security Silliness
17 May Jet Lag Cures
10 May Jet Lag Explained
3 May Making MP3 Sound Recordings
26 Apr Review :  Archos Jukebox Recorder
19 Apr Solutions to the Travel Agency Problem
12 Apr Does Everyone Hate Travel Agents?
5 Apr Airline vs Airline?  The real reason the airlines stopped paying commissions to travel agencies.
29 Mar Travel Agents - Obsolete or Essential?
15 Mar International Cell Phone Calls - for Free!
8 Mar International Cell Phone Service - How it works and how to use it.
1 Mar Canadian GST Refunds
22 Feb Amtrak Answers
15 Feb Brookstone Foldable Noise Reducing Headphones
8 Feb Security - An Unbalanced Response
1 Feb Moscow : The Smile on the Face of the Tiger
25 Jan Getting the Seat You Want
Part 3 of 3
18 Jan Where the Best Seats Are
Part 2 of 3
11 Jan Close Encounters of the Unpleasant Kind
Part 1 of 3
4 Jan Beware of Checked Baggage X-ray Machines (they'll ruin your film)

28 Dec How to Save up to 60% on Business and First Class International Air Fares
Part 3
21 Dec How to Save on Business and First Class International Air Fares
Part 2
14 Dec How to Save up to 60% on Business and First Class International Air Fares
Part 1
7 Dec Review :  The Bose QuietComfort™ Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headset
30 Nov Security - Spinning our Wheels
23 Nov Security - The Weakest Link
16 Nov Airline Zen : Less is More
9 Nov Review :  Noisebuster Noise Canceling Headphones
2 Nov There are No Easy Solutions :  Commentary from an airline executive
26 Oct British Airways World Traveler Plus :  Poor Man’s Business Class - or Rich Man’s Coach Class?
19 Oct The Failing Airline Industry – Suffering from Self Inflicted Wounds?

Undated/Miscellaneous/Extra Articles
8/03 Nokia 3650 Pictures
9/03 The Million Dollar Horse
8/03 Moscow Air Show
7/03 Sir Richard Branson's letter to Qantas
11/02 Freedoms of the Air
2001 Coffee, Tea, and Security
11/02 + Banned Carry On Items
 - Information on Common Airplane Types and Configurations
10/01 Let's not sacrifice service in the name of security
4/02 Is Your Name On the Master Terrorist List
6/02 ASTA Correspondence

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Last updated 30 May 2021

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