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This website contains more helpful information than would fit in a dozen large travel books.

At least one new feature is added each week, and existing information is regularly revised and updated to keep it current.

Some of the information here can save you huge amounts of money - for example, applying the information from our series on how to save up to 60% on international business and first class fares could be worth many thousands of dollars to you.

Perhaps you've used our Travel Insider discount to buy a set of noise cancelling headphones or other travel goods; if so, you've again benefited.

Other information can empower you and enable you to travel more wisely, more comfortably, and more assuredly.

All of this information is offered to you, entirely for free.  Unfortunately, it is not also free to us!  The dollar costs of having a large and popular website hosted (more than 2GB of data is served to visitors every day), and a weekly ~15,000 name mailing list distribution are substantial, and as the site continues to grow and become more popular, these monetary and time costs also continue to increase.

What was originally, in 2001, a spare time 'hobby' costing almost nothing and representing a few hours a week of time commitment is now a full time vocation with major associated monthly costs.  The highest cost is the time cost - working on this site 40+ hours a week has become my full time job.  This is all very good, and we're delighted at the steady growth in popularity of our site, but please don't let us become victims of our own 'success'!

Some income is received from advertising and merchant affiliations.  But this is meager, and so, if you feel you've received some value, or would like to help support the site's ongoing presence, please reciprocate.  Any donation would be much appreciated and will help to keep the site online and growing. 

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