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How to save up to 60% on international Business and First Class

The airlines are charging more and more for their premium cabins, but providing less and less in return. So why pay the ridiculous full prices they ask for their premium cabins when there are perfectly legal ways - that they themselves have created - to allow you to fly for very much less?  Get Flight Insurance to cover any emergencies.

This series offers nine 'insider secrets' to help you save many thousands of dollars on your future travel. More

Air Fare Loopholes

Warning - the airlines claim that what you're about to read is illegal. But just because they say it is your duty to buy the most expensive fare does not mean that you do not have a right to buy the least expensive ticket, no matter what the fare rules may suggest.

And so, for educational purposes only (!), this three part series discusses three loopholes that some people use to save huge amounts on their air travels.

How to Choose a Travel Agency and Agent

A three part series that tells you all you need to know to make an informed choice of travel agency and travel agent.

Travel Agents - Obsolete or Essential?

The airlines say that they can't afford to pay travel agents any commission on the tickets they sell, but at the same time, those same airlines will often give you a discount if you buy direct from them, and pay commissions to internet websites that sell their tickets.

The airlines are half correct - travel agents are very costly to them. But only because they can SAVE YOU big money and help steer you away from unnecessarily overpriced fares. Read more in this series. 

Free First Class Upgrades - Fantasy or Fact

Some people claim to know the 'secret' to getting effortlessly upgraded, and some people even offer to sell you this secret. But, is there really any sure fire successful way to get upgraded?

This two part series removes the hype and tells you the reality of getting first class upgrades.

All About Round the World Airfares

This five part series is probably the most comprehensive presentation on Round the World Airfares (RTW) anywhere on the internet.

Read it to find all you'd ever want to know about these complicated fares, and to decide if they might be of value to you, next time you travel.

Close Encounters of the Unpleasant Kind

Coach class seats seem to be getting smaller and smaller (and, alas, we're all getting bigger and bigger!).

Here's what you need to know about how to choose - and succeed in obtaining - the most comfortable planes and seats for your next flight.

All About Overbooking Flights

A six part series that tells you why airlines book flights, and why it is good for you, and what to do when you may be suffering the consequences of an overbooked flight yourself, plus specific details on airline obligations and your rights in such cases.

When is the Best Time to Buy Your Airfare

Should you buy your ticket as far in advance as possible?  Or should you leave it to the last minute?

More to the point, how can you tell if the fare you are paying is going to go up or down in the future?

For answers to these important questions, please visit our three part series.

Internet vs Travel Agencies

Many people claim to have saved money by booking tickets on the internet. But - did they really get the very lowest fare possible?

Here are 14 (!) tips on how to find the lowest fare. After reading them, you might decide it is simpler - much simpler - to get a travel agent to book your tickets for you!

How to Negotiate the Best Rate on Your Hotel Bookings

A multipart series on how to negotiate the best rates when booking hotel rooms. 

How to Book Hotels for the Lowest Rate on

Get hotel rooms often for much less than half their normal rates by using the tips and tricks offered in this four part series about using Priceline. 

Which is the Best Hotel Frequent Guest Program

A seven part series that tells you how to evaluate and strategize your approach to hotel frequent guest programs. 

How to Access Airline Lounges for Less

An annual airline lounge membership can cost you $400.  Here are four ways to get into the coveted airport lounges for less money. 

Airplane Toilet Trends

Are there fewer toilets on planes these days?  Which planes and airlines offer the most toilets?  An interesting look into an important but seldom considered element of travel comfort.

Planning a European Vacation

Although some people enjoy the concept of an open freewheeling travel experience, we suggest that a European vacation (indeed, most vacations to most places) are better enjoyed if you plan as much as possible before you travel. 

How Businesses should use the internet to book and buy airfares, hotels, and rental cars

A three part series contributed by guest writer Bob Cowen.

Bob explains the key issues confronting business travelers when they're planning their journeys, and recommends the best websites to help you book your travel needs. 

Online Hotel Booking Services

After spending 2.5 hours to book two hotels last night, I realized that online hotel booking services are still in their infancy.

Worse than a slow inconvenient interface is the potential danger of booking the wrong hotel. If you're doing your own online hotel bookings, be sure to refer to the checklist included in this article. 

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