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Aeroflot - Business Class

Are all the jokes about Aeroflot ('Aeroflop') true? Or is it another proud example of Russia's renaissance?

Read the review and decide for yourself. :) More

British Airways - First Class

It is the best part of the plane, and the most expensive, too.

You're paying about $15,000 to fly ten hours each way across the Atlantic.  Does the extra comfort and service justify the extra cost?

British Airways - Business Class

Is BA’s Business class (Club World class) and lie-flat sleeper bed seat worth $7500 more than coach class?

That’s what BA would have you believe, but after flying a roundtrip to Europe with BA, I disagree!

British Airways - Club World London City

BA is to be commended for its truly innovative all business class service on a tiny A318 plane between JFK and London's London City airport.

Which is the better way to get to London?  Via regular planes to Heathrow, or via this new service to London City?  Read our three part review to find out.

British Airways - World Traveler Plus

Is BA's 'World Traveler Plus' (a premium economy class) service a temptation to encourage travelers to spend more on airfares, or an opportunity for business travelers to spend less than Business Class while still enjoying most of the benefits?

I report back on my experiences after several flights in this cabin.

Cathay Pacific - Business Class

A review of well regarded airline Cathay Pacific's new business class service across the Pacific.  A detailed four part series.

Delta Air Lines - Business Elite Class

Delta dramatically convinces that a US carrier can provide a truly world class premium cabin product and service, with their excellent new Business Elite cabins and seating.

Emirates - Business Class

As you might expect, the world's third most profitable airline (and one of the most rapidly growing airlines) offers a high quality business class experience.

If you're traveling somewhere Emirates flies, you should try their service.  Chances are, you'll like it, too.

All About BA's New Airline, OpenSkies

First announced in 2007 and flying since June 2008, OpenSkies shows BA rethinking some of its approach to airline services.

Is it a good idea or a mistake?  Will it succeed?

OpenSkies Prem+ Class Review

A review of OpenSkies Prem+ (ie, premium economy class) cabin and service.

OpenSkies Biz Class review

A review of OpenSkies Biz (ie business class) cabin and service.

Qantas Airways - Business Class and Skybed

A two part review of Qantas Business Class and their new Skybed seat.

Qantas is the airline that first invented business class, back in 1979, and they continue to push the leading edge of innovation, even now 26 years later.

Virgin Atlantic Airways - Premium Economy

Virgin has made a name for itself as an 'airline with attitude'.

My recent flight experiences confirm that, and the good news is that their attitude - and everything else to do with their service - is consistently good.

Virgin Atlantic - Upper Class

Virgin's best cabin includes some unique extras such as in-flight massages and a walk up/sit at bar. Plus wonderful club lounges before your flight, and generally good service every which way.

Read the full review for more details.

Who Flies First Class Anymore?

Costing as much as $8,000 more than business class, the concept of value obviously has little meaning when buying first class travel.  Increasingly, the improving quality of business class means there's no longer any reason to pay twice as much for international first class tickets.

The Airbus A380

A four part series detailing the origins, development, future, and present status of this amazing new passenger plane, including a review of the Emirates A380.

Where is Boeing Going

A history of Boeing from its founding in 1916 through to the present day, including its glory years and its amazing transition from aggressive marketplace leader to timid marketplace follower, and its recent return to some semblance of its former glory.

Airplane Types

A handy reference to answer your questions like how many engines, what type of seating configuration, what sort of size, how old, etc, different planes are.

Airline Slogans

Probably the internet's largest collection of airline slogans, from over 200 airlines and more than 560 examples.

The Exciting Future of In Flight Entertainment Systems

Just as all other consumer electronics have massively evolved and improved (and continue to do so) the same is true of airline IFE systems too.

This article chronicles the evolution of IFE from its origins in 1921 and looks foward to the exciting but challenging future of this technology.

Close Encounters of the Unpleasant Kind

Coach class seats seem to be getting smaller and smaller (and, alas, we're all getting bigger and bigger!).

Here's what you need to know about how to choose - and succeed in obtaining - the most comfortable planes and seats for your next flight.

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