Pictures from the Nokia 3650 Phone  


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The Nokia 3650 GSM cellphone has a built in camera that takes jpg images in 640 x 480 resolution.

Here is a 'self-portrait' and a picture of my dog to give you examples of the type of quality you can expect.  Both images have not been adjusted or retouched in any way.

The phone allows for images to be set at a high, medium, or low quality.  The images below were on 'high' quality.

Currently the memory card in my phone can hold 2384 high quality pictures, 3415 medium quality, or 4212 basic quality images (I have a 128 MB card that is almost completely empty).

There is also a 'night' option that basically just gives it a longer exposure time, I think, and a 'portrait' mode that takes small thumbnail pictures that you can add alongside entries in your phone book.  That way, when you look up a person's phone number, you get to see their picture, too.  This creates barely recognizable head and shoulders photos.

For sure, you wouldn't buy the phone just so as to use the digital camera, but as a 'free' add-on, it is very easy to use, and a great added feature.

A possible problem with the phone is that the camera lens is unprotected, and so is very vulnerable to being scratched.  Although I've only had my phone a couple of months, and have tried to be very careful about protecting the lens, it already has some slight scratches on it.

These pictures were taken shortly after getting the phone, while the lens was still in perfect condition.

After you've taken photos, it is very easy to send them to people, either as part of a message, or to an email address, or to send them via IR or Bluetooth to your own other computing devices.

Video Too

The phone can also take nine second video clips, complete with audio.

Originally published 8 Aug 2003, last update 30 May 2021
Copyright 2003 by David M Rowell.
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