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Having trouble finding something for the person who already has everything in your life?

Chances are that one of these stocking stuffers will prove to be an appreciated and useful gift.

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2005 Christmas Gadget Gift Giving Guide

The Travel Insider's 2005 Top Ten List

Delight the special people in your life by placing some of these items under the tree this Christmas.

Better still, delight yourself with a personal treat or two also.

Here is a selection of the best of the items received and/or reviewed during this year.  They've been chosen for their low to moderate cost, their novelty value, and their usefulness.

Ranging in price from sort of free and with most items priced under $50, you're sure to find something that will be a creative choice, a useful gift, and something that even 'the person who has it all' does not yet own and would want.

I own, use and recommend all these items myself.

Motorola Razr V3 Cellphone - Free (with new T-mobile or Cingular service)

The distinctive slim shape of Motorola's V3 Razr phone has proven outstandingly popular.

This is the most popular phone in the US - and possibly the entire world - at present.

A year ago, they were costing as much as $500 each.  Now you can get one for free when signing up for new service with T-mobile or Cingular.

But you won't get this special offer direct from the wireless companies.  To get the phone for free, you need to buy it through

Reviewed here.

Black phone, Cingular service

Regular phone, Cingular service

Regular phone, T-mobile service


Clipper Gear Micro Light - $4.95

A tiny little unit giving a powerful white light.  Stick it on the back of your phone or attach it to your keyring.

This tiny device can be stuck onto your phone (or just about anything else), or hung from your keychain.

Two bright LEDs give you light when you need it.  A great thing to have for those occasional semi-emergencies when a bit of light would be much appreciated, especially in the long dark nights of winter.

At a mere $4.95, it is perfect as a stocking stuffer for just about anyone and everyone.

No longer available.


Clipper Gear Emergency Phone Recharger - $9.95

A small lightweight unit that can recharge your phone's dead battery.

Why is it that one's cell phone battery always goes dead at exactly the worst possible time?

We can't answer the question of why, but we do have an answer for how to solve the problem the next time it happens to you.

Our Clipper Gear Emergency Phone Battery Recharger will quickly get you back on the air again.

No longer available.


Kipiis Traveling Bib for Infants - $11.95

A simple concept that creates an emergency bib for children

Wondering what to buy for a family with a young child?  The Kipiis Bib Clip is sure to be something they'll use, and probably something they don't already have.

Two clips loop around the child's neck and clip to anything that can be used as a bib.  A sheet of paper, a table mat, handkerchief, whatever.

Innovative, imaginative, and a friendly fun looking thing for the child.


Travel Tow - $12.85

Easily velcro this to the handle of any roll-along suitcase for easy towing

Most luggage has a major ergonomic error.  The towing handle needs to be rotated 90 from how it is designed for maximum comfort and easiest towing.

This accessory velcros onto the regular handle and provides a super sturdy ergonomic solution, which can be rotated to any angle for your best comfort.

Ideal for the traveler who has to tow too heavy luggage, too far, and too often!


Pack-A-Cone Road Safety Cone - $24.85

In the long dark winters, and sometimes in the snow, the chances of needing a road safety cone increase.  Here's an innovative approach.

This is a great idea - a collapsible bright orange safety cone.

You can conveniently store it in your trunk, taking up only 2" of space, but when you open it up, you have a large 16" high cone with either a flashing or steady warning light inside.

An ideal present for this time of year.

Reviewed here.



Nice Flights Airplane Seat Cover - $29.95

You just know the airlines seldom if ever clean their seat covers.
Here's a slip-on cover you can bring with you to ensure you're seated on a clean piece of fabric.

Have you ever wondered about the history of the seat cover you're pressing yourself closely against on your next flight?

You just know it has seen tens, if not hundreds, of people sitting on it since its last deep clean.  Oily hair, smelly sweaty bodies, spilled food and drink, and who knows what else.

So why not bring your own convenient slip on cover to protect yourself from the dirt and germs that lurk on the seat.

Reviewed here.


Petzl Zipka Plus Night Light - $42.95

This very clever unit can fit around your head, or arm, or just about anything else to provide light where/when you need it, and without disturbing others around you.

Do you feel guilty when turning on the light on an overnight flight, disturbing your fellow passengers?  Or do you like to read in bed while your partner is trying to sleep?

This unit is a great way of getting convenient and unobtrusive light where you need it.  Very long battery life, variable intensity light, and a clever way of mounting/positioning make it flexible and suitable for may different uses.

Reviewed here.


International radio-synched Travel Alarm Clock - $44.95

The compact alarm clock comes with different plug-in radio receiver modules for different regions of the world, all presented in an attractive carry kit.

I never rely on hotel alarm clocks or wakeup calls.  I used to use the alarm on my watch, but nowadays my watch is too complicated to understand and program.

So I've now gone back to a dedicated alarm clock.  But not an old fashioned one.  This one is fully electronic and synchronizes itself with regional time signals to ensure your alarm goes off at the exact time, to the very second!

This makes a nice gift for the business traveler in your life.  Or for any other traveler too, of course.


Self-powered Emergency Radio - $49.85

Batteries, mains power, or a hand crank can be used to power this multi-band emergency radio.

One of the most popular items reviewed this year has been the self-powered Emergency Radio.

It has multiple power sources so it will always work, no matter where you are and what the situation.

It also has a built in flashlight, a siren, and can be used to recharge your cell phone too.

An ideal addition to everyone's emergency kit.

Reviewed here.


Solitude Noise Cancelling Headphones - $199.95

Plane Quiet's new Solitude noise reducing headphones set a new standard of performance, and cancel out much of the tiring background noise on a long flight.

If the person you're buying for already has a set of active noise cancelling headphones, consider upgrading them to a set of the high-end Solitudes.  Or, if they don't yet have any such device, treat them straight off to this wonderful product.

Priced $100 below the similar Bose product, and performing almost identically, these headsets offer high end performance at a wonderful value price.

Reviewed here.

Still More Ideas....

If the ten (actually, eleven, but who's counting!) ideas above don't help, perhaps visit our 2004 Christmas Gadget Gift Giving Guide or our  2003 Christmas Gadget Gift Giving Guide - maybe one of these items will be just what you are looking for instead.

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Originally published 2 Dec 2005, last update 20 Jul 2020

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.



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