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A simple but ingenious device that can be strapped to your head, arm, or elsewhere, to conveniently focus light where you need it.

Although $43 might seem expensive, you get very long life from the batteries, almost infinite life from the LED bulbs, and a very effective unit.


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Petzl Zipka Plus Night Light Review

A 30" circumference retractable band allows this unit to be worn as a headband or mounted many other places.

Measuring only 2" wide and 1" high, and weighing a mere 2.2 oz, this unit can be taken and used anywhere and everywhere.



Don't you sometimes feel a bit self-conscious when you're the only person in the darkened plane cabin during the overnight flight with your light on, while passengers around you are trying to sleep and resenting the light you're shining at them as well as at you.

Or maybe your light isn't properly aligned, or simply doesn't work.  Or maybe you like to read in bed while your partner prefers to sleep.  In all these cases, this miniature light is tremendously helpful.

There are lots more situations where you also need a light that can be pointed where you're looking/working and where you can't spare a hand to hold it.

Using very efficient LEDs you get up to 120 hours of light from three AAA batteries.  The unit sells for $42.95 from Travel Essentials (see below for details on our Travel Insider discount).

What You Get

The Petzl Zipka Plus light comes packed on a display card, and is complete with three long life alkaline batteries and instructions in five languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish).

The unit carries a generous three year guarantee.

Zipka Plus Description

The Zipka Plus light is in two parts.  The main unit has four white LED lights, an orange on/off button, and a battery compartment on the back.  This measures 2" wide and 1" high and is 1" thick (dimensions are at the widest points).  It weighs a mere 2.2 ounces - and that is the weight including the three AAA batteries.

Connected to the main unit is a small disk inside which there is a spring-retractable cord.  The idea is to pull the cord and disk away from the main unit and then to put your head or arm or anything else in the 'hole' created and allow the cord to then retract so as to hold the unit firmly in place.  When the cord is fully extended, you have a hole 30" in circumference that allows you plenty of flexibility for where and how you attach the unit.

There is also a non-slip rubber patch on the back of the main unit to ensure that it stays securely where you place it.

The on/off switch turns the light on, and repeated pushings of the button enable you to select from high, medium, or low power, with a fourth setting for high power flashing.

The unit is described as being water resistant.  I turned it on and placed it in a glass of water for 30 minutes (it sinks rather than floats).  Some bubbles came out of the retractable cord assembly, but other than that, it seemed just fine and the light continued working perfectly while in the water and after removing it again.  However, when I took it out, I did notice what appeared to be condensation inside the unit.  This evaporated away over time.  So plainly, while water resistant, it isn't fully water proof.

Using the Petzl Zipka Plus light

Using the unit is incredibly easy, as you'd expect and hope.  Put it around your forehead or whatever else you're using to mount it, turn it on, and decide which power setting you want to have it set at.

High power is claimed to give a maximum effective range of 56 ft (the distance at which the brightness is similar to that of a full moon on a cloudless night, 0.25 lux.  Medium gives a 43' range and low power gives a 30' range.  The manufacturer says to expect 80 hours of battery life on high power, 100 hrs on medium, and 120 hours on low power.

When using the unit to read a book, low or medium power is more than sufficient, and getting 100+ hours out of three cheap small AAA batteries is incredible.  You're paying only a couple of cents per hour of use, and you also won't be hassled by the need to carry lots of spare batteries with you.

This type of battery life is probably ten times (and possibly more) than you'd get from a regular type book light unit using incandescent bulbs.

The LED lights are very efficient and give more light for less power than regular bulbs.  They are also incredibly long lived.  No-one is quite sure how long a LED bulb will last, but Petzl are saying to expect more than 100,000 hours.  A regular light bulb in your house lasts perhaps 2,000 hours.  Or, to look at it another way, 100,000 hours is the same as leaving the light on, continuously, for 11 years 5 months.

Or, if you use the unit 5 hours a month, a set of batteries will last you almost two years and the LED lights will last 1667 years!  Amazing.

The unit is very light and so it is acceptably comfortable to wear on your head for reasonable lengths of time.  The tension of the cord isn't too great, although I did notice when I removed the cord after 30 minutes of wearing it there was a line where the cord had been.  This line on my skin quickly disappeared, of course.

The unit was firmly mounted on my head, and no reasonable amount of moving or shaking caused it to fall off.

When reading a book, I found the light moderately evenly diffused over the book surface, with a bit of extra bright light in the middle.  It was at first a bit disconcerting to see the light move every time I moved my head, but I soon got used to that.

All in all, I'd rate the unit very easy to use and a great idea.

Comparing the Zipka Plus to a $10 Rayovac Unit

The Zipka Plus costs $43.  But is it really worth $43?  My first guess was no, and so I bought a $10 Rayovac brand unit from Walmart to see which unit was the better value and better choice.

The first small difference was the Zipka Plus comes complete with the batteries, the Rayovac does not.  Okay, so it is only a couple of dollars to buy batteries for the Rayovac unit, but it is also a hassle if you forget about the need for batteries, and already the price gap is starting to close.

And the next problem came when I went to put the batteries into the Rayovac unit.  The battery cover is secured by a miniature head Philips screw - if you don't have a special miniature Philips screwdriver, there's no way you'll be able to open the battery cover and put your batteries in.

The Rayovac unit was more than twice the size of the Zipka Plus, but even so was not offensively or inconveniently large.  It was also almost twice the weight (3.8 oz instead of 2.2 oz) but this is still sufficiently light for most people.

And, talking about light, the Rayovac unit had only two LEDs compared to the Zipka Plus which has four.  And it only has a single on/off switch; you can't vary its power setting.

This is a bit more of an important issue.  The Rayovac's light intensity was similar to the Zipka Plus at medium power.  There are times when you might want full power (eg to illuminate a path while walking out at night) and there are other times when you might only want low power, so as to cause least disturbance to others, and so as to get longest battery life.

The Rayovac's light was also less focused than the Zipka Plus, meaning more light would potentially spill over to people around you, and less was actually focused on whatever you were looking at.  This is another disadvantage.

The Rayovac unit is designed to be hung around your neck, or it has a spring clip to allow it to clip to various thin things.  But it doesn't swivel or tilt, so there's limited flexibility in directing the light from when you clip it to something.

The crippling weakness of the Rayovac unit, however, is when you're using it to try and read a book.  When the unit was hung around my neck, the light from the LEDs not only shone down onto the book (this is good) but also shone directly up into my eyes, which is unacceptable.

Bottom line - the Rayovac looks acceptable on paper, and in theoretical measurements.  But in real world testing, it shows itself to be poorly designed and impractical to use.  At $10, it is not a bargain, but instead a $10 waste of money.

This testing conclusively showed that there are important and valuable design features in the Zipka Plus which justify its extra cost.

Comparing the Zipka Plus to Other Petzl products

Petzl make a number of different types of lights.  This quick feature explanation might help you better understand the four different models available :

Tikka :  This unit has only three rather than four LEDs and has a thick headband rather than a thin retractable cord.  It is heavier, and doesn't have different power settings.  $29

Tikka Plus :  This has all the features of the Zipka Plus, except with a heavier headband rather than a thin retractable cord.  This unit has a pivoting head for more flexibility on where the beam is directed.  $36.  Our second choice after the Zipka Plus.

Zipka :  Similar to the Zipka Plus, but with only three LEDs and doesn't have different power settings.  $35

Zipka Plus :  The unit reviewed here.  Generally the best unit for most uses.  $43.


Petzl make four different micro-lights.  All are small and lightweight, high quality and convenient.

If you are searching for a convenient portable light source that gives a powerful light and offers very long battery life and low maintenance, and in particular, if you're wanting a portable reading light, then the Zipka Plus is your very best choice.

The unit sells for $42.95 from Travel Essentials, and if you type in the discount code 'travelinsider' (without the quotes) when completing your order, they'll give you a 5% discount.

A recommended product.

If so, please donate to keep the website free and fund the addition of more articles like this. Any help is most appreciated - simply click below to securely send a contribution through a credit card and Paypal.


Originally published 1 Dec 2005, last update 21 Jul 2020

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.


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