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Gemutlichkeit Travel Letter

Gemutlichkeit is a monthly travel newsletter focused on travel to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

If you're considering travel to these countries, this review will help you decide if you should subscribe.  More

Passport Travel Newsletter

Ever wondered if one of those $100 newsletters that review hotels, destinations, etc, are worth the price they charge? Potentially they could be worth their weight in gold.

In this article we look at the longest established and perhaps most respected of these publications.

The Way of the Road Warrior

A very useful book for all of us, not just road warriors.  It draws on the author's experiences as a very frequent corporate traveler and gives invaluable lessons for on the road and for life in general.  Readable, enjoyable, helpful.

Illustrated History of Scotland

A book that is visually appealing and with a solid text to make it suitable both as a coffee table 'look at the pictures' book and also as an interesting full read, covering the fascinating story of Scotland's past.

Castles of Scotland

A small book that unpretentiously gives you 'just the facts, ma'am' about that is visually appealing and with a solid text to make it suitable both as a coffee table 'look at the pictures' book and also as an interesting full read, covering the fascinating story of Scotland's past.  (review on hold pending book's publication)

Let's Go Roadtripping USA

A 1000 page guide to eight different long roadtrips in the USA.  Obviously has lots of information, but there is still a lot more not included.

Boeing versus Airbus

A fascinating telling of the competition between these two major companies and how their fortunes have alternately waxed and waned.

But it leaves one question unanswered - how can such major companies sometimes be so stupid (and so venal).

Travia - The Ultimate Book of Travel Trivia

An interesting and amusing collection of the weird and wonderful things to do with travel.  An easy read and good fun.

Cruising Attitude - Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet

A light romp through author Heather Poole's 17 years working as a flight attendant with American Airlines.  Very readable, albeit not quite as 'tell all' as it could be.

On the Other Guy's Dime - A Professional's Guide to Traveling Without Paying

If the title isn't lure enough to click over and read about this tantalizing topic, please allow us to encourage you to do so.  This is a well written and potentially invaluable book on a subject surely near and dear to many of us.

Mileage Pro - The Insider's Guide to Frequent Flyer Programs

This book that clearly and helpfully tells you much of what you need to know about frequent flier programs.  Written by the industry's two pre-eminent experts.

Airline without a Pilot - The inside story of Delta's success, decline and bankruptcy

While many of us might agree with the book's premise - that Delta's woes can be blamed on two of its recent CEOs, you might be uncomfortable with the lack of hard facts offered to support author Harry L Nolan jr's contention.

Note - the author disagreed with my review so vehemently that he referred it to his attorney.

Ask the Pilot - Everything you Need to Know about Air Travel

An interesting book with a wide ranging spread of information about flying and piloting commercial airplanes, written by a commercial airplane pilot.

Strategies for the Wise Traveler

A new (May 03) book written by a former flight attendant, full of helpful advice as well as amusing anecdotes.

Salk's Airport Transit Guide

A pocket sized little book, but crammed full of very helpful information.

This $10 book saved me more than $50 the first time I used it.  Recommended.

International Traveler Reference Books

I review two books that claim to help business people plan for their international travels.

One does help, but the other doesn't, and I also suggest free internet sources that provide the same information.

Johnny Jet's Book of his Website

After building a very popular website full of links to travel websites, Johnny Jet has now published a book that in some respects offers more than the website, and in other respects offers less.

Should you buy his book when the website is free? For the answer to this $15 question, click on over to the review.

Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World Resort 2nd Edition

The second edition of this excellent book (see review of first edition, linked below) adds more content, is completely updated, and is more focused than the first edition.

A worthwhile upgrade if you have the first edition, and a great buy if you don't already have it and are considering travel to Disney World in Florida.

Luxury Guide to Walt Disney World

A comprehensive guide to the massive Walt Disney World complex in central Florida, plus short bonus sections on selected other local theme parks too.

Clearly laid out, comprehensive, and helpful.

Hidden Mickeys

Find obscured and hidden images of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters.

This book lists 500 examples of such objects, giving you a fun new way to spend time in Walt Disney World.

Seattle TourSaver Discount Coupon Book

If you're planning to visit Seattle this year, you need one of these.  It can potentially save you as much as $2500 with 42 different generous discounts on the things you're likely to want to go and see and do in the Seattle area.


Seattle Great City Guide DVD

A 40 minute DVD that helps you to plan a trip to Seattle, or which helps you remember a trip you've taken there.  Has some interactive features, too.

Helpful and reasonably priced, but doesn't completely replace a good guidebok.


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