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Airline Mismanagement

Concerned about the hygiene of the airline seat you'll be sitting on?

This easily applied seat cover will keep you from anything nasty on the seat beneath it..

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Nice Flights Airplane Seat Cover

You just know the airlines seldom clean their seat covers.

So why not bring your own?  Here's a simple and lightweight cover that's easy to fit over almost all coach sized airline seats.



From the greasy hair stains at the top, to the spilled food and drink stains at the bottom, and with plenty of sweat inbetween, an airplane seat cover is far from a hygienic environment to surround yourself by, sometimes for many hours at a time.

The Nice Flights Jet Seat Airplane Seat Cover is a simple and convenient solution.

What you get

The Nice Flights Jet Seat comes in its own convenient carry pouch, which is affixed to the side of the cover itself.

This cleverly does double duty as a carry pouch and also as a pocket complete with zipper to store things in while sitting on the seat.

The Jet Seat - What it is and does

The Jet Seat is made from 97% cotton and with 3% of spandex added.  This gives it some stretch, which makes it much easier to fit the cover to your airplane seat.

It weighs 6.6 oz, complete with its integral carry pouch.  In the carry pouch, it measures about 7" x 7" and is about half an inch thick, depending on how neatly you've packed it away.

The seat back part measures 33" long by about 19" wide with a fold over pocket at the top to hold it onto the top of the seat, and spare extra material on each side to wrap around.

The seat cushion measures 22" by 22", and again has spare extra fabric on the sides, and a fold over to anchor the bottom of it to the end of the seat cushion.

It seems to be more than large enough for all economy seats, even ones with winglet type bits at the top that fold out to hold your head while sleeping.  And because of its spandex, it can stretch quite a bit (in the side to side direction rather than top to bottom direction) to accommodate the seat squishing in when you sit on it.

Because it is primarily cotton, it can be washed in your regular washing machine when you get home after each journey - which is more than you can say for the airplane seat cover it has been protecting you from!

The Jet Seat comes in two colors (a fairly bright blue and a black) and one size.  It sells for $29.95 through Pro Travel Gear.

Using the Jet Seat

Let's face it - the last thing you want to do is make a big performance out of putting your cover over your seat when boarding the plane, and with a long line of people behind you all impatiently in a rush to get to their own seats.

Fortunately, putting the Jet Seat cover onto your seat is easy and simple.  Unzip the pouch, pull out the seat cover, quickly decide which is the top and outside (this is easy and obvious, because the pouch remains at the bottom on the outside, and there's a fold over on the top inside that goes over the top of the seat's headrest) then place it on the seat, easily getting the top fold over to fit over the top of your seat and the bottom foldover to wrap around the edge of the seat cushion, and you're done.

At the end of the flight, I generally choose to wait until getting up to remove the Jet Seat.  This means that instead of waiting impatiently in the aisle until the people ahead finally start to move off the plane with nothing to do except fiddle hopefully with your cell phone, you can instead put the time to good use by obsessively folding your Jet Seat cover into a perfect shape for putting away in its pouch.

Of course, if you find yourself with less waiting time, you can simply stuff the Jet Seat into your carry-on and pack it away later.  And packing it away is not a difficult thing to do.  I fold mine in thirds lengthwise into a long narrow thing no more than the width of the pouch opening, and then sort of roll it up and stuff it into the pouch.

Does it work

The Jet Seat doesn't make any perceptible difference to comfort, of course.  And does it really protect you from the dirt and germs on the seat cover underneath?  Well, it certainly does protect you from the dirt - a sometimes important thing if you're wearing light colored clothing, and as for germs, it reduces your exposure to those, too by the simple act of forming a barrier between you, your clothes, and the seat cover underneath the Jet Seat.

This protection will be less effective against 'bed bugs' and other small living creatures (yuck) but will certainly keep bacteria and viruses - organisms that can live on a seat cover for a dismayingly long time, and who knows who has been coughing and sneezing over your seat cover before you got to sit on it.


This is an interesting travel hygiene product.  Plainly seat covers are not sanitized or washed after every flight, and if you're keen to reduce your exposure to dirt, grease, grime, as well as bugs, you'll find this a simple and convenient way to improve your seat environment at low cost.

The Nice Flights Jet Seat Airplane Seat Cover is available from Pro Travel Gear for $29.95.  If you use the discount code 'travelinsider' (without the quotes) when completing your order, you'll get a 5% discount off this, and anything else you purchase from their website too.


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Originally published 2 Dec 2005, last update 21 Jul 2020

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.


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