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Spotting Hidden Mickeys can be a fun activity during your visit to a Disney theme park.

Steven Barrett's book, Hidden Mickeys, gives you the information you need in a fun presentation to help you do this.

This page is a sample mini scavenger hunt for Hidden Mickeys to give you a feeling for the rest of his book.

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Hidden Mickeys in Downtown Disney

A sample scavenger hunt

Can you see the Hidden Mickey in this picture of a horse at Disneyworld?

This is a supplemental article to our review of Hidden Mickeys by Steven M Barrett



You may have noticed various images of Mickey Mouse around the Disney theme parks.  Some of them are completely obvious, and some slightly less so.

But have you also seen the hundreds of 'hidden' images that also lurk around the parks?

Finding the hidden images can be a great deal of fun, and is the subject of a book, 'Hidden Mickeys'.

Here is an introductory sample scavenger hunt for some Hidden Mickeys, to give you a taste of the rest of the book.

Hidden Mickeys Mini Hunt in Downtown Disney

A perfect score for this hunt is 20 points.

A "classic Mickey" is an outline of Mickey's head formed by three intersecting circles, one for his round head and the other two for his ears.

Entrance to the Marketplace

Clue 1: Check out the signs over the entrances. (1 point for one or more)

Clue 2: Examine the interactive flat fountain at the entrance near the bus depot. Psst! See any classic Mickeys? (3 points for two types)

Outside Once Upon A Toy

Clue 3: Find several classic Mickeys in the cement outside the store. (2 points for one or more)

Clue 4: Take a good look at the snowflakes in a window display. Search for two types of Hidden Mickeys. (3 points for finding both types)

Clue 5: Look for classic Mickeys with tires for ears outside the main entrance. (1 point)

Near Team Mickey Athletic Club

Clue 6: Find a Hidden Mickey in the Disney Vacation Club display near Team Mickey. (2 points)

Near the Lake

Clue 7: Spot classic Mickeys in the fence around the lake. (1 point)

Clue 8: Search the "World's Largest Perikaleidoscope" for classic Mickeys. (4 points for two types)

Outside World of Disney

Clue 9: Find light brown classic Mickeys outside the store. (2 points)

Outside Mickey's Groove

Clue 10: Observe the logo. (1 point)


Check for full descriptions of each Hidden Mickey in this mini hunt.

Or consult Barrett's book, where you'll find six full scavenger hunts and clues to nearly 500 Hidden Mickeys in Walt Disney World, plus full descriptions and an Index that lets you look for Mickey wherever you find yourself in WDW.


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Originally published 6 May 2005, last update 30 May 2021

2005 The Intrepid Traveler. All rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission.

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Sample Hidden Mickey Treasure Hunt

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