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Maybe you'll be the person to finally shoot the definitive movie or photo that incontrovertibly proves the presence of Bigfoot.

That's of course not very likely, but adding a mild Bigfoot focus to a pleasant day of hiking in the beautiful outdoors is a fun thing to do.

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Bigfoot Touring Itineraries around Seattle

See where Bigfoot may have been and might now be

Should you turn left or right at the fork in the road when searching for Bigfoot?  Maybe the information below will help.

Part four of a four part series on Bigfoot; see also :

1.  All about Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest
2.  Where and When to Find Bigfoot
3.  How to Search for Bigfoot
4.  Some suggested Bigfoot touring around Seattle



The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful part of the country to travel around, and looking for Bigfoot evidence can be a fun way to theme a day (or more) of touring and hiking.



But some areas have had more regular sightings or other evidence of Bigfoot activity than others, and if you go to the places where he has been seen before, you'll at least develop more of an appreciation about the places he may inhabit and also get a sense of the challenges in sighting Bigfoot.

A Suggested Sightseeing Day

Although there are several different places you could travel to from Seattle when searching for Bigfoot, we suggest you consider going east on I-90.  This is the easiest direction to drive in from a traffic and road quality perspective, and in little more than 45 minutes you'll be at interesting places to stop and hike around.


Travel East on I-90 from Seattle.

Go first to Rattlesnake Lake - see BFRO sighting report

Take exit 70 off I-90, proceed back west alongside the freeway then onto forestry road

Then continue to

Return back on I-90 to North Bend, sighting report 24755
















Amazon books -


Part four of a four part series on Bigfoot; see also :

1.  All about Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest
2.  Where and When to Find Bigfoot
3.  How to Search for Bigfoot
4.  Some suggested Bigfoot touring around Seattle

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Originally published 1 May 2009, last update 30 May 2021

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.

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