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Heys USA Carry-on Luggage Reviews

Smart looking and light weight bags

Heys USA was founded in 1986 and has built a broad range of carry-on and checkable luggage, typically being brightly colored and with styling touches slightly different to traditional bags, without being too over the top.

Their special strength seems to be lighter weight bags, and they claim to make the lightest bag of any company.



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Eco Case 19"


19" Eco Case

Part of Heys' three bag Eco Case set


This is typically sold as the smallest of three bags in a set, the other two being 28" and 24" on their longest side, and so too large for carrying on.

The outer shell is said to be made from 100% recycled materials, and in turn, it is said to be 100% recyclable again in the future.

For the more pragmatic among us, its most standout feature is its very light weight - a mere 6.7lbs.

The bag is a 'bare bones' bag with none of the extra features that heavier bags usually offer as standard.  No outside or inside pockets, and only one carry handle are the most noticeable limitations.

But, if you want the lightest possible carry-on bag, and at a fair price, this is a good choice to consider.

Price and availability

The set of three bags lists for a ridiculous $900, but can be purchased at eBags for a more sensible $450.  If you say this perhaps represents $200, $150 and $100 each for the three bags, then with a notional cost of only $100, this is a good buy.

With a 110% low price matching guarantee, comprehensive product range, and excellent service, we recommend eBags  for purchasing this suitcase.

Special Note :  eBags are now giving Travel Insider readers 10% discounts off many products and free shipping too.


Seven year standard type warranty - ie, it covers manufacturing defects but not wear and tear or abuse, and apparently requires you to be able to show the original receipt and the warranty card to qualify.

Official size

19 x 13.5 x 8.5 (41" total)

Measured maximum external size

22" x 13.5" x 9" (44.5" total)

The bag fits within all three of the generally standard dimensions for a carryon (22 x 14 x 9), and note that the 9" dimension is a bit variable due to some give and take in the zipper hinge  It could be squashed a little smaller if necessary.

Expanding the bag adds up to 1.5" extra to the 9" dimension.

Measured internal size

18.25" x 13.25" x 3.75", unexpanded, for the main internal compartment, and a generally similar amount (unexpanded) for the 'lid'.

The internal depth varies a bit because the carry handle is mounted inside the base, and the lid shape is slightly contoured on the outside.


Yes - you can unzip a 1.5" expansion gusset that is on the lid half of the bag.


6.5 lbs claimed.  Tests to about 6.7 lbs.  This is a wonderfully light bag, although it saves weight in part by cutting down on extra features and pockets.


The exterior of the bag is made of two pieces of ABS type plastic.

Heys say they've added extra plasticizers to ensure the plastic never becomes brittle, but remains slightly soft and pliable, able to 'give' when hit by something, and return to shape when the stress is removed.

The inside of the bag is lightly lined, and additional pieces of protective fabric are placed over otherwise exposed screw and rivet heads.

Construction is a mix of screwed wheels and riveted carry handle.

The double external zipper has a hole for a padlock hasp to go through to lock the two zips together.

Color choices

The bags are distinctive in three ways - by construction material, by design/styling, and by color, making them easy to find on a carousel.

They are available in six usually bright colors - black, bronze, pink, red, silver and turquoise.

The zip and handle areas are a second color (grey) compared to the main body color.


The bag has only one handle (in addition to the towing handle).  This handle is on the short top side, next to the telescoping tow handle.

Towing Handle

Extends to 38" from floor to bottom of handle.

Telescoping design with three sections.  Appears reasonably strong and doesn't wiggle.

Mounted internally.


Four wheels, all on external castors sticking out from the bottom of the bag a couple of inches.

The wheels themselves are small - about 1.5" in diameter and about 0.7" wide.

They look somewhat vulnerable to damage, but as long as you are not checking the bag, it hopefully won't be too severely mistreated and they should be okay.

If a wheel does need replacing, it can be unscrewed and a replacement screwed back into the body of the bag.

The four wheels, each freely mounted, make this bag what is sometimes called a 'spinner'.  You can roll the bag along on all four wheels as well as trundle it behind you, tilted onto two wheels.  The roll-along feature, with the bag being rolled along on its narrow rather than wide side, can be useful if, eg, going down the aisle on a plane, but because the towing handle is more designed for towing than for pushing, it is not something you'd normally do in a normal less cramped environment.

Stair skids

None.  The bottom of the bag's mould pattern goes out and in a couple of times, but doesn't provide any additional protection against the wear and shock damage that one causes when pulling a bag up stairs.

Outside compartments


Inside compartments in base


Inside compartments in lid

None as such.  But there's a type of divider that can be secured across the lid, and in this is a mesh pocket measuring about 7" x 16", with a zipper along the 16" side.

Suit carrier included


Other Removable holders inside


Waterproof compartment


Packing Straps

Yes - there's a sort of 'H' shaped set of straps on the top of the base, with a single connector/release along the bar of the 'H'.  These straps are anchored on the ends of the two vertical lines of the 'H' and the anchor points are at the top of the base, not at the bottom, so they don't really serve a good purpose to hold things in securely that might otherwise be loose.

External carry hook/strap

Yes - An adjustable webbing loop clips onto the top of the bag and then clips onto itself.

ID holder


Other features

A TSA approved three barrel combination lock is provided with each of the three cases in this three case combo pack.


Review methodology

Please note that weights and measurements are approximate.  Measurements in particular are surprisingly subjective, and almost no bag/case has even measurements across every part of the bag.

External measurements are usually taken at the largest possible part - like an airline would do if trying to negatively prove your bag was illegally oversized.


If so, please donate to keep the website free and fund the addition of more articles like this. Any help is most appreciated - simply click below to securely send a contribution through a credit card and Paypal.


Originally published 25 Feb 2009, last update 30 May 2021

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.

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