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Airline Mismanagement

Would you be persuaded to fly one airline instead of the other based on the slogans each tags to their advertising?

And even if you read and think about the slogan, what do many of them truly mean?

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Airline Slogans for airlines C - F

A comprehensive list of airline slogans

An unmemorable slogan on an unmemorable timetable dating from 1965.

Part of a series on Airline Slogans - please also visit the other pages linked on the right.



Skip down to the continuation of what is the internet's most comprehensive listing of airlines and their slogans if you're paging through this series.

If you've entered directly to this page, you should read the first page in this series for some background commentary and then the comments below before moving on to more airlines and their slogans.


Airlines with Names beginning C through F

Here are such slogans and related phrases as we've been able to find for airlines starting with the letters C through F inclusive.  Click through the other parts of this series of other airlines - we have airlines featured from all letters of the alphabet.

Within each airline section we list slogans in alphabetical order.

Can You Help Us?

Sure, this is already probably the largest collection of airline slogans, anywhere.  But it barely touches the surface of all the slogans that have ever been released, for all airlines that have ever flown (or even not flown!).

Furthermore, the information we do have is usually incomplete and may sometimes be inaccurate.

If you can help us more accurately identify the slogans we have, or if you have new slogans to add to the collection, please let us know.  It is helpful if you tell us the slogan itself, the airline it related to, and also as much else such as when the slogan was in use, and how it was used, and any background to why the slogan was chosen, or why it was superseded, and anything else to add to the context of each slogan.


Canada 3000


Founded in 1988, initially for charter service.  After merging with Royal Aviation and taking over CanJet Airlines, it offered scheduled service within Canada (probably from 1993) and internationally before ceasing operations in 2001.


Coast to Coast
(sighted, timetables, 1993, 94, 95)

1993 - 5


Reliable *  Affordable  *  Air Travel
(sighted, timetables, 1993, 94, 95, 96, 97)
(the asterisks were actually Maple leaf images)

1993 - 7

Canadian Pacific Airlines (CP Air)


Founded in 1942, purchased and absorbed into Canadian Airlines in 1987 (which in turn was acquired by Air Canada in 2001).


Serving (number indistinct) Continents
(sighted on flight bag)


World's most complete transportation system
(sighted on 1964 ad, and referred to trains, trucks, ships, planes, hotels and telecommunications as making up the CP system)


Canjet Airlines


Fly smart


Capital Airlines


There have been a number of airlines of this name, even one in Nigeria.  This entry is about the US airline that grew to be the fifth largest US carrier before being merged into United Airlines in 1960, and ceasing to exist independently in 1961.

It originally appeared in 1948 as a renaming of the airline formerly known as Pennsylvania Central Airlines.


(sighted, timetables, 1950, 51, 52, 54 - a concept of a good value coach class service)

1950 - 54


Fly Today
(sighted, timetables, 1946 - a slogan carried over from its predecessor, PCA)



Known for Years as PCA, One of America's Pioneer Airlines
(sighted, timetables, 47, 48- do I detect some angst about changing the name of the airline?)

1947 - 48


(sighted, timetable, 1948 - yet another variation on the 'big three' listing of features)



Serving America since 1927
(sighted, timetables, - an attempt to underscore this wasn't a new carrier but merely a renamed existing carrier)


Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong)


Founded in 1946; now partially Chinese owned.


Arrive in a better shape.


Cathay Pacific. The heart of Asia.


Great service.  Great people.  Great fares.
(Claimed to be current - 2010 slogan per Wikipedia)



Hong Kong's Discovery Airline



It's the little things that move you
(Claimed to be their original slogan per Wikipedia)


Meet the team
(sighted Nov 2010 in lots of places - shows two pictures of various employees, one at work and one off duty)



Now you're really flying.


Cebu Pacific Air


It's time everyone flies
(sighted, their website)



It's time every Juan flies
(local version for the Philippines)



The New Filipino Time


You above all




Did some ad-hoc charter operations from 1917 under the name Red Arrow Flying Service, and commenced scheduled service in Feb 1919 as Chalk's Flying Service.  Has had several names including Chalk's International and Chalk's Ocean Airways (1999 - 2006).  Ceased operations in 2007.


The World's Oldest Airline
(based on first services in 1917 and scheduled services since 1919, although it paused operations for three years due to World War II, two days due to 1992's Hurricane Andrew, and eleven months due to an "at altitude tragedy" on December 19, 2005.  The more generally accepted oldest airline is KLM, which was founded in 1919 and started service in 1920.)


Chicago Air


Started service in 1985, ceased operations in 1986


It's a breeze, Chicago Air
(A clever reference to Chicago's reputation as being 'the windy city')

1985 - 86



Started service in 1996, based in Brussels, ceased operation in 2001.


The Flying Dream
(sighted, timetables, 1997, 98, 99)

1997 - 99

Continental Airlines


(a reader writes : Gave all of the "hostesses" a ribbon to wear on our uniforms with FTDPM printed on them.  The idea was that passengers would ask us what the letters meant.  Needless to say the ribbons did not last long because FTDPM meant "Feel the difference pride makes".)



If you can't fly Continental you might as well walk across


Continental.  A major airline that's not just another airline.
(sighted on timetable, 1987)



One airline can make a difference



The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail (prior to its bankruptcy in 1983 its planes had golden colored tails) (this is also believed to be a derivative from the short lived slogan 'We really move our tails for you'.)



We really move our tails for you (short lived due to employees claiming it was degrading)



Work Hard. Fly Right.


Working to be your choice (after a difficult merger with People's Express, Frontier and New York Air)


Croatia Airlines


More than a comfortable flight


Dan Air


Be independent - fly Dan Air


Delta Airlines


Note - there is a presumably definitive and official listing of Delta slogans on their website


Airlines Are the Same; Only People Make the Difference
(per DL website)



Delta—One of America's Pioneer Scheduled Airlines
(per DL website)



Delta Air Lines—The Trans-Southern Route
(per DL website)



DELTA Best Thing That Ever Happened to Air Travel
(per DL website)

ca 1966 - 68


Delta Gets You There; other versions: Delta Will Get You There and Delta Gets You There with Care
(per DL website)



Delta Is My Airline
(per DL website)



Delta Is Ready When You Are
(per DL website)

1968 - Dec 1984


DELTA the airline with the BIG JETS
(per DL website)



Fly Delta Jets
(sighted - a prominent illuminated sign at ATL airport; also seen on 1964 print ad)

~1964 - 2009


Good goes around (A strange slogan - a 'go around' in airline speak means a failed landing)
(per DL website)



Hospitality and Service from the Heart
(per DL website)

late 50s


Keep Climbing
(sighted on in-flight entertainment, June 2011)



Much more space (business class)


None Faster—None Finer—To and Through the South
(per DL website)



On Top of the World
(per DL website)



Ready When You Are
(per DL website)

ca 1992


Speed, Comfort and Convenience
(per DL website)



Speed, Comfort and Safety
(per DL website)



That's the Delta Spirit DELTA. The Airline Run by Professionals.
(per DL website)



The Airline of the South
(per DL website)



The one xxx airline - The one xxx that matters is yours (xxx = flight, ticket, passenger, family, vacation, stewardess)


We Love to Fly and We Love to Fly and it Shows
(per DL website)

Sep 87


You'll Love the Way We Fly
(per DL website)


Deutsche BA


The Bearline (The bear is Berlin's mascot)


Dragonair Hong Kong


Opening up Asia


Eastern Air Lines


Ceased operations on 18 Jan 1991


A first class seat at a coach price.
(sighted in two forms, timetables, 1990, 1991)

1990 - 91


America's favorite way to fly.
(sighted, timetables, 1982)



Eastern Airlines. The Wings of Man.

from late 1960s to late 70s


Experience Inspires Confidence
(sighted on timetable, 1959)



Fly Eastern.  #1 to the sun

~ 1970s


(Fly) The Great Silver Fleet
(sighted on timetables, 1936 & 1948, and on photo 1938)

1936, 38, 48


There's no stopping us now (after the big strike in 1989)



We have to earn our wings every day.


At Eastern, We earn our wings everyday
(sighted, timetable, 1986)

late 70s to mid/late 80s


We've got your ticket

ca 1987


We make it easier to fly


We want everyone to fly


When you need the sun, there's only one.


Widen your world to the sun on Eastern.
(sighted, timetable 1970)


Eastwind Airlines


Formed in 1995, based first in Trenton NJ then in Greensboro NC, provided service up and down the east coast.  Ceased operations at the end of 1999.


The Bee Line
(sighted on tail of plane; the airline's radio call sign was 'Stinger Bee')




Come on, let's fly



The web's favourite airline
(probably a tongue-in-cheek response to BA's 'the world's favourite airline' slogan)

< 2005

El Al Israel Airlines


Home away from home




Even time flies on Emirates


Keep discovering


Empire Air Lines


Although the name might imply otherwise, this carrier was a regional carrier in the Pacific Northwest.  It seems to have operated from about 1946 until 1952 when it was merged into West Coast Airlines.


Route of the Timesavers
(sighted on undated timetable)


Empire State Airlines


New York State's Own Airline
(sighted, timetable, 1965 - pictured at top of page)




Bringing Africa together


The wonderland route




Fly EVA Air and Feel the Difference
(source - Wikipedia)

1991 launch

Eva Air. The wings of Taiwan.
(source - Wikipedia)

1996 - 2002

Just relax, your home in the air.
(source - Wikipedia)

2003 - 05

Sharing the world, flying together.
(source - Wikipedia)

2005 - 14



Most experienced in northern skies


The fresh touch of flying
(sighted on a flight bag)


Florida Express Airlines


Going our way?  Florida Express yourself today.




A breath of Swiss air
(This airline competed with Swiss, and the word 'Swiss' was bolded)




The New Irish Airlines


Frontier Airlines USA


Frontier.  A whole different animal (they have animal pictures on their planes)


The spirit of the west



Important Note :  The Accuracy of the Slogans Listed

We've compiled this list of slogans as a result of searching through the internet and exercising as much quality control as we can, but identifying definitive slogans is very much a series of shades of grey rather than black and white - indeed, we've seen airlines themselves with multiple similar versions of the same slogan - are these a planned formal evolution of the 'official' slogan, or a series of mistaken variations on the official theme?

When does a slogan start or finish?

How much of a sentence, clause, or phrase is the key part of the slogan, and how much is not so relevant?  For example, the slogan often remembered as 'Something Special in the Air' comes from a more complete sentence 'Silver bird, take me where there's something special in the air', and we've seen the slogan cited in full, or as the intermediate form 'take me where there's something special in the air' as well as in its five word essential form.

Wherever possible, we've tried to show as much of the complete context of the slogan as we can, and indicate by brackets which is the key part.

Capitals/lower case/periods

Very rarely we've actually sighted a slogan ourselves, and then can accurately copy it in terms of its capitalization and punctuation.  But even in such cases as that, ambiguities arise - if a slogan is shown in all upper case, should we now show it as all upper case or should we use a mix of upper and lower case, and, if the latter (our preference) was it the original intent to capitalize every word or just the starts of sentences and proper nouns?

Additionally, if a slogan is broken into two lines when printed, was it the intent of the slogan writer to have it in two lines, or is this merely a layout/typographical coincidence?  Should we show it as two lines, or as two sentences, or as one sentence with a comma?

Should there be a period at the end of the slogan?

So, even if we have sighted the slogan ourselves, it is difficult to accurately render it on this listing.

Relying on imperfect sources

And, of course, if we're accepting someone else's recollection or written memory, there is plenty of opportunity for error.

Two people might offer two versions of a slogan - is this a case of one person being mistaken (and which person?), or is it a case of a slogan which appeared in two forms?

Sometimes it is interesting to see how slogans get confused and altered, but in the interests of accuracy, we're trying to restrict ourselves to the correct versions only!

The bottom line - what can you rely upon

The bottom line is that few of these slogans can be considered as definitive.  If you're looking for a resource to settle a large bet with a friend, the only slogans you can be certain of here are the ones that have a formal attribution to them (eg a 'sighted' or similar comment).

Part of a series on Airline Slogans - please also visit the other pages linked at the top right of this article.

Related Articles, etc

If so, please donate to keep the website free and fund the addition of more articles like this. Any help is most appreciated - simply click below to securely send a contribution through a credit card and Paypal.


Originally published 21 Aug 2009, last update 30 May 2021

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.

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