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Airline Mismanagement

Sometimes forgettable, sometimes memorable, sometimes absent, airline slogans run the entire range.

But as varied as they are, do any of them serve any good purpose?

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A Comprehensive List of Airline Slogans

Slogans for airlines starting with the letter B

The cover of this 1931 Braniff Airways timetable offers a slogan that today is amusing about being the World's Fastest Airline.

Part of a series on Airline Slogans - please also visit the other pages linked on the right.



Continuing now the detailed listings of airlines and the slogans they've offered, you'll find here a range of airlines from well known to unknown, and slogans to suit from memorable to forgettable.

Sometimes you have to wonder why the airline even bothers to offer a slogan, other times you wonder why they abandoned a perfectly good slogan with something much less memorable.

Airlines with Names starting with the letter B

Here are such slogans and related phrases as we've been able to find for airlines starting with the letter B.  Click through the other parts of this series of other airlines - we have airlines featured from all letters of the alphabet.

Within each airline section we list slogans in alphabetical order.

Can You Help Us?

Sure, this is already probably the largest collection of airline slogans, anywhere.  But it barely touches the surface of all the slogans that have ever been released, for all airlines that have ever flown (or even not flown!).

Furthermore, the information we do have is usually incomplete and may sometimes be inaccurate.

If you can help us more accurately identify the slogans we have, or if you have new slogans to add to the collection, please let us know.  It is helpful if you tell us the slogan itself, the airline it related to, and also as much else such as when the slogan was in use, and how it was used, and any background to why the slogan was chosen, or why it was superseded, and anything else to add to the context of each slogan.


Bangkok Airways


Asia's boutique airline - Exclusive Service to Exotic Gems.


Batavia Air
(Indonesia, established 2002)


Trust us to Fly
(hmmm - the EU doesn't and they are banned from flights to/from the EU; they are also in the lowest rated band of airlines by the Indonesian government).


Berjaya Air


your flight to paradise
(sighted on airline package)


Biman Bangladesh Airlines


You're (your?) home in the air


BOAC (British Overseas Airways Corporation)


BOAC as the official British state airline from 1939 until 1946, and then was split in three again in 1946 (the split was based on an allocation of routes.  It then merged with BEA in 1974 (one of the other two parts split off in 1946) to become British Airways.

It was initially formed by merging Imperial Airways and British Airways.  Not only are slogans often recycled, but so too are airline names.

BOAC planes - at least from about 1947 (image sighted) have been known as 'Speedbirds' per their radio call signs.


Hasten at leisure
(sighted on poster promoting Comet jets)

mid/late 50s


it's a small world by Speedbird
(sighted on poster)

1946 - 50


Swift - Silent - Supreme
(probably referring to the VC-10)



Takes good care of you



World leader in jet travel
(sighted, timetable, 1960, 61, 62, 63, 64

1960 - 64

Bonanza Air Lines


Founded in 1945, originally known as Bonanza Air Services.  Merged with Pacific Air Lines and West Coast Airlines in 1968 to become Air West.


Flying the route of the Gold Strikes

1940s - 50s


'Jets' you there faster


The airline of the funjets (possible play on 'fanjets'?)


Braathens (Norway)


Braathens. The wings of Norway.




2 engines, 2 Way Radio, 2 Pilots, 2 Rudders for Smoother Flying



Braniff...Believe It!



Braniff gets you there with flying colors



Braniff is Going Your Way



Braniff is Up and Running



Enjoy Braniff



Europe (also South America), It's Better on Braniff



Fly with Stop-Watch Reliability



Friendly Transportation



If (when) You've Got It, Flaunt It



In Every Field of Endeavour, One Name Stands Out



It's Braniff



Save Time by Braniff



Save time - Save money Fly Braniff



Serving the Americas



Serving the Southwest



Something New Under the Stars



Southwestern Hospitality on Wings



The best low fare in the air.  Believe it.  (used by a resurrected Braniff)



The Braniff promise



The Globe Begins (or Starts) on Your (YOUR) Main Street



The Most Exclusive Address in the Sky



The ontime airline



The 'Jet-Rail' is coming
(A monorail from the terminal to parking lot at Dallas/Love Field)



The Multimotored Airline



The only US airline to fly Concorde (it had a brief code-share arrangement for flights from DFW to IAD in 1979)



To Braniff, Everything is just a Beginning



Tulsa to Oklahoma City Airline



We Better be Better, We're Braniff



We're making the South Your Neighborhood



We don't get you there any faster, it just seems that way



We set Trends



Wherever you live, you are but a few hours by air from Braniff



Working Hard to be Your Airline



World's Fastest Airline



World's Fastest Jetliner



You're Going Places So Are We



You're in Experienced Hands When You Fly Braniff


British Airways


British Airways was the new name given to the merger between BOAC and BEA in 1974.  The airline was privatized in 1987.


British Airways. To fly. To serve.


It's the Way we make you feel



The way to fly
(attacked by LH as being too similar to their slogan)



The world’s favourite airline
(dates confirmed by BA)

1983 - 199?


Upgrade to British Airways



We’ll take more care of you



We’ll take good care of you.  Fly the flag


British Caledonian



Founded in 1970 when Caledonian Airlines took over British United Airways.  Initially called Caledonian/BUA, and started flying under this name in 1971.

Bought by BA in 1987 and ceased operation in 1988.


Let's go (British Caledonian)
(sighted as "Let's go" on timetables, 73, 74, 75, 76)

1973 - 76


The Scottish International Airline
(sighted on Caledonian/BUA timetable, 1971)



We never forget you have a choice


Britt Airways


It only takes a little bit to fly Britt


Winning the heart of America


British Midland/BMI/bmi baby


Commenced passenger services in 1949 originally as Derby Aviation Limited (originally founded as Air Schools Ltd in 1938).  1964 renamed to British Midland Airways.  In 1985 renamed to British Midland and in 2001 to BMI British Midland.  In January 2007 it bought British Mediterranean Airways, and at an unknown time Lufthansa started buying into BMI.  In 1999 Lufthansa bought a share of the airline from SAS, then in 2008 increased its shareholding to 80%, and shortly after this was approved in 2009, Lufthansa then bought out the balance of the airline in July 2009.  bmibaby and bmi Regional are subsidiaries.


better for business (as BMI)
(seen on website Sept 2010)



Civil aviation (as BMI)


Flying through the air


The airline with tiny fares (bmi baby)


The sky's no limit (tagline on their Visa card)


Welcome to low-cost flights without the low expectations



Important Note :  The Accuracy of the Slogans Listed

We've compiled this list of slogans as a result of searching through the internet and exercising as much quality control as we can, but identifying definitive slogans is very much a series of shades of grey rather than black and white - indeed, we've seen airlines themselves with multiple similar versions of the same slogan - are these a planned formal evolution of the 'official' slogan, or a series of mistaken variations on the official theme?

When does a slogan start or finish?

How much of a sentence, clause, or phrase is the key part of the slogan, and how much is not so relevant?  For example, the slogan often remembered as 'Something Special in the Air' comes from a more complete sentence 'Silver bird, take me where there's something special in the air', and we've seen the slogan cited in full, or as the intermediate form 'take me where there's something special in the air' as well as in its five word essential form.

Wherever possible, we've tried to show as much of the complete context of the slogan as we can, and indicate by brackets which is the key part.

Capitals/lower case/periods

Very rarely we've actually sighted a slogan ourselves, and then can accurately copy it in terms of its capitalization and punctuation.  But even in such cases as that, ambiguities arise - if a slogan is shown in all upper case, should we now show it as all upper case or should we use a mix of upper and lower case, and, if the latter (our preference) was it the original intent to capitalize every word or just the starts of sentences and proper nouns?

Additionally, if a slogan is broken into two lines when printed, was it the intent of the slogan writer to have it in two lines, or is this merely a layout/typographical coincidence?  Should we show it as two lines, or as two sentences, or as one sentence with a comma?

Should there be a period at the end of the slogan?

So, even if we have sighted the slogan ourselves, it is difficult to accurately render it on this listing.

Relying on imperfect sources

And, of course, if we're accepting someone else's recollection or written memory, there is plenty of opportunity for error.

Two people might offer two versions of a slogan - is this a case of one person being mistaken (and which person?), or is it a case of a slogan which appeared in two forms?

Sometimes it is interesting to see how slogans get confused and altered, but in the interests of accuracy, we're trying to restrict ourselves to the correct versions only!

The bottom line - what can you rely upon

The bottom line is that few of these slogans can be considered as definitive.  If you're looking for a resource to settle a large bet with a friend, the only slogans you can be certain of here are the ones that have a formal attribution to them (eg a 'sighted' or similar comment).

Part of a series on Airline Slogans - please also visit the other pages linked at the top right of this article.

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Originally published 21 Aug 2009, last update 30 May 2021

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.

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