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Sometimes forgettable, sometimes memorable, sometimes absent, airline slogans run the entire range.

They provide an interesting insight into the changing attitudes of airlines and the societies in which they operate.

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A Comprehensive List of Airline Slogans

Slogans for airlines starting with the letter A

Wouldn't it be a shame to waste the patriotic opportunities presented to an airline named 'American' during a war?  AA made sure to get value from this event.

Part of a series on Airline Slogans - please also visit the other pages linked on the right.



In the first two part of this series, we discuss the concept of airline slogans, and some of the amusing and strange ways they add to - or detract from - the image of the airline.

Now in these subsequent parts of the series, we list out as many airline slogans as we've been able to unearth for your edification and amusement.


Airlines with Names beginning with the letter A

Here are such slogans and related phrases as we've been able to find for airlines starting with the letter A.  Click through the other parts of this series of other airlines - we have airlines featured from all letters of the alphabet.

Within each airline section we list slogans in alphabetical order.

Can You Help Us?

Sure, this is already probably the largest collection of airline slogans, anywhere.  But it barely touches the surface of all the slogans that have ever been released, for all airlines that have ever flown (or even not flown!).

Furthermore, the information we do have is usually incomplete and may sometimes be inaccurate.

If you can help us more accurately identify the slogans we have, or if you have new slogans to add to the collection, please let us know.  It is helpful if you tell us the slogan itself, the airline it related to, and also as much else such as when the slogan was in use, and how it was used, and any background to why the slogan was chosen, or why it was superseded, and anything else to add to the context of each slogan.


Access Air (US airline 1998 - 2001)


There's no stopping you now


Access Air (US air charter operator)


Your Schedule.  Your Comfort.  On Your Demand.
(sighted on website)


Aegean Airlines


Aegean Airlines, a Greek airline, was founded as a VIP/charter type operator in 1987, and in 1999 commenced scheduled passenger services.  It purchased Air Greece in 1999.


Feel the difference
(presumably trying to encourage people away from Olympic Airlines)


Aer Lingus


Look up, it's Aer Lingus


Low fares way better


Reaching for new heights



Simply unbeatable



The friendly airline



This is not just an airline, this is Aer Lingus




Искренне Ваш
(Sincerely yours, (Aeroflot))


Letayte samoletami Aeroflota
(Fly with Aeroflot's airplanes)

70s - 80s

Aerolineas Argentinas


La poderosa sensacion de volar


Aeromarine West Indies Airways


Founded in 1920 as a merger between Florida West Indies Airways and Aeromarine Sightseeing and Navigation Company, operated the first international airmail and passenger service in/from/to the US (from Key West to Havana on 1 Nov, 1920).  Renamed as Aeromarine Airways in spring 1921.  Ceased operations in early 1924.


Speed Safety Comfort
(See poster here)

~ 1920s



Founded in 1973, ceased operations in 1999


To and through Peru

~ 1980s

Air 21


Fresno CA based airline, was operational for a brief time only on the West Coast, starting in December 1995, known to be still in business in May 1996, filed for bankruptcy in 1997.


Your Low-Cost Airline for the Twenty-First Century


Air America


Air America was an American passenger and cargo airline operated clandestinely by the CIA.  It may have started flying under that name in 1950 and may have ended operations in 1976.


Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Professionally


Air Asia (Indonesia)


Now everyone (anyone?) can fly


The wings of Africa


Air Atlanta Icelandic
(charter airline based in Iceland)


We're flying


Air BC


Formed in 1980, 85% purchased by Air Canada in 1987, the balance in in 1995, and ceased to operate as a separate named carrier in 2001.


Our Airline is More Than Planes.  It's People.
(sighted, timetable, 1994)



The new spirit of the west
(sighted, timetable, 1988, 89, 90, 91 - presumably referring to being bought out by Air Canada)

1988 - 91


We fly with pride
(sighted, timetable, 1981)



We're Going Places
(sighted, timetable, 1985, 86, 87)

1985 - 87


Well connected friends
(sighted, timetable, 1983, 84, 85, 86 - presumably referring to relationships with CP Air)

1983 - 86

Air Berlin


Fly Euro Shuttle!
(sighted on promo piece)

prior to 2008


Genau deine Airline
(sighted on promo piece)
(literally means 'Right your Airline')


Air Botswana


Going your way.


Air California


Formed in 1967.  In 1981 it renamed itself as AirCal.


If there's an easier way to get you there, we'll be the first to tell you.
(sighted, timetables, 1974, 75, 76.  The "easy" concept was continued in occasional various shortlived forms and tangential references)

1974 - 76


Our Electras Are Easy To Take
(painted on planes - a possibly defensive slogan because it was one of the last airlines to still use Electras, although it did have 737 service from 1968 so this story has to be considered with a grain of salt)



Our 737s Are Easy To Take
replaced the Electra slogan after 1981 and getting 737s



(sighted, timetables, 1970 73, 77, 78 - the airline referred to its 737s as "737 Sunjets" in phrases such as "Boeing 737 Sunjet service to" and "Fly the Time Saver Sunjets")

1970 - 78


The refreshing change in air travel
(sighted, timetables, 1969)


Air Canada


Air Canada. Defy obstacles.


Come see what you've been missing

ca late 70s


Flights so good, you won't want to get off



Worldclass, worldwide


You and I were meant to fly


Air Deccan


Indian airline Air Deccan was founded in 2003.  In 2007 it was announced it would merge with Kingfisher Airlines  and from 2008 now operates as Kingfisher Red.


(sighted on logos)


Air Europe (UK airline 1978 - 91)


It's nice to fly with friends


You still have a choice
(After British Caledonian merged with BA)


Air Fiji


Formed in 1967, originally called Air Pacific, then in 1971 renamed Fiji Air, then in 1995 renamed again to Air Fiji.  Ceased operations in 2009.

Air Florida


Started operations in 1972, ceased in 1984.


Fastest growing airline in America


Fly a little kindness



Now everyone can go


The little airline that could


Air France


Air France. One of the best places on earth.


Dans Tous les Ciels
(In All the Skies)
(sighted on a poster est 1950s)

ca 1950s


Ask the world of us


Faire du ciel le plus bele endroite de la terre
(Making the skies the best place on earth)


Have you ever done it the French way?


Land in your hotel


The fine art of flying


Winning the hearts of the world


World's largest airline, world's most personal service

post merger with KL?

Air Hawaii (1985-6)


High class, low fares


Air India


A tradition of warmth


The airline that treats you like a Maharajah



The airline that's different.  And better.



Your palace in the sky


Air Inter


Notre monde c'est la France
(Our world it is France)


Air Jamaica


We make you feel good all over


Air Kazakhstan


Bringing Nations Together
(sighted on their website)


Air Malawi


Africa's friendly airline


Air Malta


The perfect link


Air Midwest


This little airline means business


Your first leg to anywhere


Air Namibia


Truly memorable


Air New Zealand


Air New Zealand was the new name given to NZ government owned airline Tasman Empire Airlines Ltd (best known as TEAL) in 1965.

It merged with domestic airline NAC (National Airways Corporation) in 1978.  In 1989 the airline was privatized, but after getting into financial difficulties the NZ government bought most of the airline's shares in 2002.


Amazing journeys. Every day



Being there is everything.


Knows the South Pacific Best


Nobody does it better
(using the Carly Simon song)

late 1970s


(Our fares have) nothing to hide
(sighted - see website (website, alas, now gone).  A much commented on series of videos with naked staff in body paint)



The Pacific's number one.


The Ritz of the skies

ca early 1980s


The five star airline
(perhaps a play on the five stars on the NZ flag)
(probably this came out at the same time that Air NZ was formed, with new livery and logo)

1966 - 67


The world's warmest welcome.


Air Pacific (Fiji)


Fiji's International Airline
(sighted on its logo)
(This might seem an unnecessary slogan, but the airline name itself does not clearly/directly imply Fiji; additionally it distinguishes it from related carrier Pacific Sun, which has the slogan "Fiji's Regional Airline")



Your island in the sky


Air Paradise


Bali is our home


Air Philippines


We go the extra smile


Air Sahara


Emotionally yours


Air South (1994-97)


Opportunities are flying
(sighted on logo jpg)


Air Tahiti Nui


(And) The journey continues


To tatou manureva
(Your airline)


Air Tanzania


The wings of Kilimanjaro


Air UK


On time, every time

early/mid 90s

Air West


The one airline that had to happen


Air Zimbabwe


Above all, we care!


Experience our commitment to excellence
 (It soon became known as 'Experience our commitment to His Excellency' when Mr Mugabe started commandeering planes willy-nilly and throwing paying passengers off)




Air California renamed itself as AirCal in 1981.  In 1987 it was taken over by American Airlines.


We Make Flying Easy
(sighted, timetables, 1984, 85 - an echo of the earlier "easy" theming in the 1970s)

1984 - 85



AirTran Airways.  Your airline has arrived.


Go, there's nothing stopping you.


Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines started operations in 1944 as the new name for the airline formerly known as Alaska Star Airlines.  It is based in Seattle.


For the same price, you just get more
(during the time when AS was competing against 'no frills' airlines while still providing full service itself)

~ 1990s


Fly with a happy face
(refers to the large Eskimo face on the tails of AS planes - this logo was first sighted in 1973)


Gold Coast service
(sighted, timetable, 1980 - presumably an extension of the earlier Golden Nugget/Samovar themes)



Golden Nugget Jets
(sighted, timetables, 1966, 67, 68)

1966 - 68


Golden Nugget Jet Service
(sighted, timetables, 1964, 65, 66)

1964 - 66


Golden Nugget Service
(sighted, timetables, 1959, 60, 61)

1959 - 61


Golden Samovar Service
(sighted, timetables, 1970 - perhaps relating to its charter flights to the Russian Far East that started in the late 1960s?)



Jets serving Alaska
(sighted, timetable, 1965 - was this abridged form a way of phasing out the slogan?)



Jets serving Alaska in speed and splendor
(sighted, timetables, 1961, 62, 63, 64)

1961 - 64


Jet the Gay 90's way in Golden Nugget Jets
(sighted, timetable, Sep 68


Jet the Gay-90's way in Golden Nugget Fan Jets
(sighted, timetables, Apr 69, Jun 69)





Nobody knows Alaska like Alaska knows Alaska

mid 70s


North of Expected
(sighted in various places - new brand campaign launched in April 2009 - phrase refers to providing better service than low cost/no frills airlines)



Route of the Starliners
(sighted, timetable, 1951, 53, 54, 55, 56 - the Starliner was apparently the Douglas DC6, and perhaps its naming was intended to evoke memories of the airline's former name too)

1951 - 56


Take Alaska to Alaska
(sighted, timetables, 1969)



the First.... the Finest.... to All Alaska!
(sighted, timetables, 1958, 59, 60)

1958 - 60



Alitalia. The wings of Italy.


Alitalia will show you the world


Vi porteremo ovunque
(We will take you everywhere)


Allegheny Airlines


In 1952/3 All American Airways renamed itself as Allegheny Airlines.

In 1979 Allegheny renamed itself as USAir.


Airline of the Executives
(sighted, timetable, 1957)



Fly a Winner!
(sighted, timetable, 1970 - presumably linked to the introduction of service between Indianapolis and New York/LGA)



The big airline with a hometown touch



We have a lot more going for you
(sighted, timetable, 1973)


Aloha Airlines


Originally founded in 1946 as Trans-Pacific Airlines, quickly was tagged as 'The Aloha Airline' then in 1950 renamed itself TPA - The Aloha Airline, then again in 1958 became Aloha Airlines.  Closed 31 March, 2008.


Between the islands fly TPA Aloha Airline Hawaii
(sighted as words around the TPA Aloha Airline logo)



Expect more


Experience waitlessness


Fly the funbirds of Aloha


Hawaii's favorite


Spread a little Aloha


The airline you haven't been waiting for


The friendliest name in flight


The spirit moves us


The Wonderful World of Aloha


TPA :  The People's Airline

est 1940s


Unique Island Style Service in the Air


Where the spirit of Aloha flies higher


Your airline in Hawaii.
(sighted as tagline underneath Aloha logo)



Your spirit.  Your airline.


America West Airlines


Commenced operations in 1983, merged with US Airways in 2005.  Ceased to have separate branding in Jan 06.


(At America West,) What we serve is you.



Every flight counts


Get on board


Lower fares, fewer restrictions


American Airlines


(Fly) the American Way
(sighted on WW2 poster - see top of page)

1940s and maybe other times


From the sunrise in the east to the sunset in the west, we're American Airlines, doing what we do best


Get a lot more airline


Great planes to great places
(Apparently a short lived slogan and scrapped after one of their executives conceded that some of the places the airline flew to weren't all that great!)

~ early/mid 70s


Proud to bear the name 'American'
(A slogan coined subsequent to 9/11 to take advantage of patriotic feelings in the country)

> 2001


(Silver bird, take me where there's) Something special in the air


The airline built for professional travelers


The incredible on-time machine


We know why you fly. We're American Airlines.


(We're American Airlines,) Doing What We Do Best


Tomorrow's Mail Today
(this was a slogan on AA's Airmail Labels - termed 'etiquettes' from 1937-1962, when they stopped printing etiquettes - some sighted.)


Ansett Airlines


Australian airline, founded in 1936, ceased operations in 2002.  After purchasing Australian National Airlines in 1957 it was known as Ansett-ANA until 1968, when it became simply Ansett once more.


Ansett - Absolutely


Australia's major airline
(sighted, timetable, 1958)



Finest Service in the Air
(sighted, timetable, 1949)



The nation's most experienced airline system
(sighted, Ansett ANA timetable, 1958, 61)

1958 - 61


The world's only 6 star airline (after a new airplane livery that included Australia's 6 starred flag)

The only airline that offers you 6 star service
(sighted timetables 1983, 84)

from 1981

1983 - 84


We know about flight
(sighted on matchbook)



You're enjoy the experience
(sighted on timetables, 1977, 78)

1977 - 78


You're in good hands all the way, when you fly Ansett ANA
(sighted on timetables, 1963, 64)

1963 - 64

Asiana Airlines


To the heart of Seoul and beyond




ATA was originally established in 1973 as American Trans Air, to provide charter services for Ambassadair.  It started providing charter services to other groups in 1981 and started regular scheduled air services in 1986.

It is believed to have formally changed its name to ATA in 1996.

After troubled time in the mid 2000s and substantial shrinkage in service, the airline ceased operation in 2008.


ATA - An honestly different airline.


ATA - Indy's hometown airline.


On ATA You're On Vacation

1996 - 2001



The Channel Airline


Australian National Airways


Operated under this name from 1936 until purchased by Ansett in 1957.  The new merged airline flew as Ansett-ANA until 1968 and then was renamed Ansett Airlines.


Australia's Most Experienced Airline
(sighted on timetables, 1950, 51, 56)

1950 - 56


Speed Safety Comfort
(sighted on baggage label, ca 1936)


Austrian Airlines


Austrian. Fly with friends.


The most friendly airline.


Austrian. Like a smile in the sky.




La aerolnea de Colombia


Primera Aerolnea de Amrica (First Airline of the Americas)



Important Note :  The Accuracy of the Slogans Listed

We've compiled this list of slogans as a result of searching through the internet and exercising as much quality control as we can, but identifying definitive slogans is very much a series of shades of grey rather than black and white - indeed, we've seen airlines themselves with multiple similar versions of the same slogan - are these a planned formal evolution of the 'official' slogan, or a series of mistaken variations on the official theme?

When does a slogan start or finish?

How much of a sentence, clause, or phrase is the key part of the slogan, and how much is not so relevant?  For example, the slogan often remembered as 'Something Special in the Air' comes from a more complete sentence 'Silver bird, take me where there's something special in the air', and we've seen the slogan cited in full, or as the intermediate form 'take me where there's something special in the air' as well as in its five word essential form.

Wherever possible, we've tried to show as much of the complete context of the slogan as we can, and indicate by brackets which is the key part.

Capitals/lower case/periods

Very rarely we've actually sighted a slogan ourselves, and then can accurately copy it in terms of its capitalization and punctuation.  But even in such cases as that, ambiguities arise - if a slogan is shown in all upper case, should we now show it as all upper case or should we use a mix of upper and lower case, and, if the latter (our preference) was it the original intent to capitalize every word or just the starts of sentences and proper nouns?

Additionally, if a slogan is broken into two lines when printed, was it the intent of the slogan writer to have it in two lines, or is this merely a layout/typographical coincidence?  Should we show it as two lines, or as two sentences, or as one sentence with a comma?

Should there be a period at the end of the slogan?

So, even if we have sighted the slogan ourselves, it is difficult to accurately render it on this listing.

Relying on imperfect sources

And, of course, if we're accepting someone else's recollection or written memory, there is plenty of opportunity for error.

Two people might offer two versions of a slogan - is this a case of one person being mistaken (and which person?), or is it a case of a slogan which appeared in two forms?

Sometimes it is interesting to see how slogans get confused and altered, but in the interests of accuracy, we're trying to restrict ourselves to the correct versions only!

The bottom line - what can you rely upon

The bottom line is that few of these slogans can be considered as definitive.  If you're looking for a resource to settle a large bet with a friend, the only slogans you can be certain of here are the ones that have a formal attribution to them (eg a 'sighted' or similar comment).

Part of a series on Airline Slogans - please also visit the other pages linked at the top right of this article.

Related Articles, etc

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Originally published 21 Aug 2009, last update 30 May 2021

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.

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