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Unlock your cell phone so that it can work with any GSM network, in your home country, or anywhere else in the world.

The Palm Handspring Treo 600 is a marvelous combination of phone and PDA.  Now, with a straightforward unlock process, you can unleash its full potential and use it with any SIM anywhere suitable GSM service is provided.

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Unlock your Palm/Handspring Treo Phone/PDA

Use Your Treo phone on any compatible network

The lovely Treo 600, Treo 650, Treo 680 and Treo 750 phone/PDA units represent an excellent combination of Palm's PDA functionality along with a good quality GSM cellphone.

Here's an easy way to unlock them.



The chances are that your Handspring/Palm Treo PDA/phone was supplied to you in a 'locked' condition, restricting your ability to use SIMs from other suppliers in your phone.

Here's how to simply and quickly unlock your PDA/phone so you can use it with any GSM service provider and SIM, anywhere in the world.  This can both save you money and enable you to use wireless services with better coverages in the areas you travel.

More information about unlocking

Please refer to our Unlocking FAQ and also the extra information on our Nokia Unlocking page if you'd like to understand more about what unlocking is and how it works.

But the chances are - because you're here and reading this - you already know much of what you need to know!

How to Unlock Your Phone

Want more information?  Got questions you need answered?

You can chat with David directly if he is online.  Click on the button below if it says 'Click for Live Help'.

At present we are able to provide unlocking codes for most Nokia phones, many Siemens and Motorola and most Sony Ericsson and LG phones, Blackberry PDA/phones, most models of Samsung phones and the Apple iPhone.

Treo 600

If you have a Treo 600, we will send you an unlocking program and instructions that you run on your Treo to unlock your phone/PDA.  You do not need any additional special equipment, just the software and the connection between your Treo and your PC that you already have.

Your PDA/phone does not need to be sent to us, and apart from the 5-10 minutes it will take you to unlock your phone, you'll never be without your phone or service.

Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 750

Please go to this page for information on how to unlock your Treo 650, 680 and 750.

You Can Trust Us

Our unlocking service has been positively featured on CNN, and positively written up in many places, including the Washington Post, the Philadelphia Enquirer's Consumer Action column, and the Clark Howard Consumer Action Center.

We are not a 'fly by night' scam outfit.  Look at everything on this site - there are several hundred pages of content, dating back to 2001.  We have a major internet presence, and years of credibility.

Here's a page of testimonials from satisfied customers.

We're a Paypal verified member (this link will take you to a Paypal page that confirms our status), with an account dating back to 2000 and over 2650 successful transactions from other verified Paypal members recorded.

We've unlocked thousands of phones, have been trading for years, and have been well written up by independent reviewers.  We're experienced, skilled, and reliable.

What is the Cost?

For the Treo 600, the fee is US$25, in return for which we email you a copy of the unlocking software.  For the Treo 650, 680 and 750, the fee is $25 for mail-in unlocking and for the Treo 650 we can also offer remote unlocking for $35 (we mail you software and an unlock code).

Which Model Treos can you Unlock?

At present we are offering unlock service for the Treo 600 (below) and the Treo 650, 680 and 750 (click link to go to separate page).

How it Works

Simply fill out the form below.  You'll then be taken to a second page allowing you to choose which service you wish and to securely make payment via credit card using Paypal, or, if you prefer, send us cash or check and we'll email you the software and instructions upon receipt of your payment.

Once your payment is received, we will email the software and instructions, typically in less than half a business day.

Note that the email will be more than 1MB and less than 2MB in size, containing a zipped file.  Please make sure your email box will be able to accept a message this size.

Special Offer :  Recommended Accessory for your Treo

This is a SIM card Reader/copier/backup device.

This backs up and copies the phone book data on your SIM card. This means if you lose your phone, you don't lose all your phone numbers. If you change from one wireless provider to another, you can quickly copy all your phone book with this unit from one SIM to the other. If you have multiple SIM cards (eg a US card, a global roaming card, and some country-specific pre-paid cards), you can copy your phone book to all these different SIMs.

This $19.95 unit can be purchased for $17.45, plus $2.50 US shipping when purchased in conjunction with any of our unlock services.

Here is a review of the SIM reader/copier/backup unit.  An opportunity to purchase it at a discount will be offered to you when you click the 'Agreed' button below as part of purchasing your unlock code.

For more information on unlocking GSM cell phones, please visit our FAQ.


Unlock Your Handspring Treo 600 Mobile Phone - Step 1 of 2
(please click here for the Treo 650, 680 and 750 unlock form)

What is your name



What is your email address



Which model phone do you have


Any comments or questions


I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions below


Privacy Policy


Terms and Conditions

For obvious reasons, the software is non-refundable.

The unlocking software has been tested on a number of Treo 600s and has worked perfectly with no problems, but we do not keep spare Treos here to walk through problems with you and can not be responsible for how you use or misuse the software and is sold to you unsupported and with no warranty.

We agree to send the software and instructions to you, one time only, at the email address you specify above.  This will be a 1-2MB email in total.  No refunds will be offered if the email bounces back to us due to being too large, your mailbox being full, your email service being down, your email address being incorrect, or if spam filters intercept it and prevent you from receiving it.

In all circumstances and situations, our liability will at no time exceed that of refunding you your fee.


Last update 21 Jul 2020

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