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In addition to our 2007 Russian River and Christmas Markets cruise we're considering one other option.

Which (or neither or both!) cruise would appeal to you?

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Reader's Replies

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2007 Reader Cruising Survey

Choose your preferred cruise options

Whether it be a river cruise or a trans-Atlantic crossing, you can be sure of a wonderful experience in comfort and convenience on a Travel Insider cruise.




Here are two very different cruise options for your consideration.

Many people have done a 'typical' cruise, eg, around the Caribbean.  And some have done a European river cruise.  But here are two much more distinctive cruise experiences - a river cruise through Eastern Europe and taking you all the way to the Black Sea and Turkey, or a trans-Atlantic crossing reminiscent of the golden age of sea voyages.

Which would you prefer?  And, yes, 'both' is a permitted answer!

How to Send in Your Thoughts

Simply answer as many - or as few - of the questions below, then click on the 'Submit' button at the bottom.

All responses are optional.  Nothing is mandatory.

Lastly, we don't ask for any personal details in this voting, but if you'd like us to reply to any suggestions or comments, there is space for you to show your email address.  Don't worry - no salesmen will call!

About the Two Cruises

Queen Mary 2 Trans-Atlantic Crossing

This would leave Southampton in England at 5pm on 9 August and get to New York six days later at 7.15am on 15 August.

The QM2 makes no stops as it copies the famous passenger liner routes of the first half of the twentieth century, but this doesn't mean you'll find the crossing boring.  The last time I did this (on the QE2 many years ago) the voyage was actually wonderfully interesting and filled with interesting and fun activities all day every day.

I'm choosing a westbound sailing - these are enormously more pleasant than the eastbound ones, due to having most days with 25 hours rather than 24 (as you cross time zones), and at a good time of year where the weather should be favorable and you can also enjoy the summer weather in Britain or Europe prior to taking your cruise back to the US.

Of course, we'll have some special Travel Insider events onboard, and will offer some type of pre-cruise optional activities in England also.

Massively spacious outside staterooms with verandahs are available from about $1900 per person (share twin), and an inside stateroom can be had for as little as $1450.  Airfare to Britain and back home from New York would be extra.

River Cruise from Budapest to the Black Sea and on to Istanbul

This is a river cruise with coach touring extension, starting in Budapest, proceeding along the Danube to the Black Sea and then by coach on to Istanbul.  It starts in Budapest on 12 October, and ends in Istanbul on 25 October.

This is with Amadeus Waterways, the same people we use for our Russian and Christmas Markets cruises, on their brand new boat, Amalegro.  This cruise visits generally under-developed and relatively inaccessible countries, and with the convenience and comfort of being based on the luxury cruise ship, can be done much more easily than would be the case any other way.

There are activities, port stops, and other things happening every day, and, yes, we'd have some special Travel Insider inclusions too.

Rates start at $1983 per person (share twin).  Airfare would be extra.

Would either (or both) of these be of interest to you? Please fill out the short survey on this page here to help us decide which to offer.

How interested are you in the QM2 cruise


Would you be interested in a pre-cruise mini-tour around Devon and Cornwall in England


If you are moderately or very interested in a pre-cruise mini-tour, how many days would you like it to be and are there any particular inclusions you'd like (or things you'd want omitted)?


Any suggestions about how to improve the appeal of this cruise?



How interested are you in the Budapest to Istanbul cruise


Any suggestions about how to improve the appeal of this cruise?



Which cruise option would you prefer to take


How likely is it you'd do both cruises



Any general comments, ideas, suggestions


Your email address (optional but if you want a reply to any comments, obviously needed!)






Originally published 19 Jan 2007, last update 30 May 2021

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.



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