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Now you can conveniently buy some of the items you read about in our reviews.

Sometimes we find wonderful and useful items that just aren't for sale anywhere, and so we sell these things directly to you.

You're getting good value useful products, and from a trusted source your purchases are also helping to support.

That's truly a win-win for us both.  And thank you for your support.

Items Available (or simply page down)


Apple iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS
Replacement Battery Service


Restore your iPhone 3G or 3GS battery life and enjoy much longer time between recharges.

Send your phone to us and we'll replace your old battery with a new one, and send it back to you with all your other settings and data as is.

Fee includes USPS Priority Mail Return Shipping.

Review here

Replacement Battery Service is $47.45.


Clipper Gear
Cell Phone Emergency Battery Recharger


The Cell Phone Emergency Battery Recharger can quickly top up your phone's dead battery when you're not able to use its regular charger.

It uses normal AAA batteries (not included).  A set of four AAA batteries gives about two full charges of your cell phone battery.

Review here

The Recharger is $9.95.


Clipper Gear
Recharger Adapters for other cell phones

The Clipper Gear Emergency Battery Recharger comes standard with the four adapters shown in the top of the image on the left.

If you need an adapter for any of the other five styles of phone, you can click on the order buttons below to add them to your order.

Each extra adapter is $1.50.

Samsung/LG Adapter

Siemens Adapter

Panasonic Adapter

Motorola V60/600 and similar series adapter

Motorola Razr V3, Blackberry and other mini USB type Adapter (doesn't work with V3c)


Clipper Gear SIM Saver


Keep a backup copy of your Cell Phone's SIM or R-UIM phone book and SMS data.

And/or conveniently copy your phone book data from one SIM card to another SIM card.

The SIM Saver is an essential convenience for everyone with a SIM or R-UIM based cell phone.

The SIM Saver is $19.95.

Review here


Clipper Gear Micro Light


A teensy tiny, but very powerful, dual LED emergency flashlight.

With the supplied adhesive strip you can add one to your cell phone.  It can also be added to a key ring, stored in your purse, or carried/kept just about anywhere else.

A great way of being prepared for the unexpected.

The Mobile Phone Micro Light is only $4.95.  Why not get two!

Review here.

Currently out of stock



MicroSIM card Cutter and Adapter


If you want to use a regular sized SIM in one of the new devices that requires a MicroSIM (eg an iPhone 4 or an iPad) then this device will cut a regular SIM down to a MicroSIM size in a single punch action.  Easy, quick, and much better than tracing an outline and cutting the SIM with heavy duty scissors!

Only $24.95, complete also with a MicroSIM adapter that will allow your newly cut MicroSIM to still work in anything requiring a regular sized SIM.


MicroSIM card Adapter


If you wish to use a MicroSIM in a device that uses a regular sized SIM, this is the adapter for you.

Simply put the MicroSIM into the plastic adapter (the pink thing at the bottom of this picture) and now it will fit in and work with any device seeking a regular sized SIM card.

Only $4.95, with no need to sign up for service or any commitment to anything else at all.


unlocked Motorola V66 tri-band international GSM phone


Ideal for people traveling overseas who want convenient cell phone service, and good as a backup phone in the US as well.

The Motorola V66 tri-band GSM flip-phone is compatible with all GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz service, suitable for most international countries (list of countries and frequencies here).

It is small, light, easy to use, and fully featured.

Each Motorola V66 flip-phone is also supplied with a free lifetime international SIM (see below) which allows you to make and receive calls in over 160 countries.  And, because the phone is unlocked, you can use it with any other SIM, anywhere else in the world as well.

These units have been remanufactured and are offered with a 90 day warranty, and come complete with an international multi-voltage battery charger.

Only $99.95, with no need to sign up for service or any commitment to anything else at all.


Lifetime International SIM


Here's an international phone number that works in over 160 different countries.

There's no activation fee, and no monthly or annual fee to keep the SIM active.  As long as you use it once every two or three years, the SIM will never expire.

You can't beat that for convenience or cost, can you!

Works with any unlocked GSM phone.

Only $2.50, with no need to sign up for service or any commitment to anything else at all.

Reviewed here.



Solution Graphics


A single flat $2.50 fee for shipping and handling is added to all orders.  The more you buy, the more you save - the shipping/handling fee never increases.

Goods are shipped anywhere in the world.  If shipped within the US, they are sent via USPS first class mail, complete with delivery confirmation and insurance.  If shipped internationally, they are sent via airmail, uninsured, at buyer's risk.  We can ship internationally via other methods at extra cost.

Products are usually in stock and are shipped the same day or the day after you place your order.  You'll be sent a shipping confirmation note when the goods are sent to you.

Terms and Conditions

Most items are sold with a one year warranty; Motorola phones and SIMs have a 90 day warranty, and the used Nokia phones have a seven day 'dead on arrival' warranty only.

A seven day return privilege is offered on all items.  Goods must be returned in original packaging and be received by us in like new condition, and a 15% restocking fee applies.  The $2.50 shipping fee is not refundable.  Please obtain an RMA from us prior to returning items.


Originally published 7 January 2005, last update 21 Jul 2020


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