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Samples of Motorola V600 Pictures

And comparisons with photos from a Nokia 3650

The Motorola V600 has a built in camera that can take pictures at resolutions up to 640x480 (0.3 megaPixels).  Although these pictures were taken in automatic mode, it does offer some manual control over the brightness setting and you can also manually choose the lighting type (to get more accurate colors) if you don't want to rely on the automatic settings.
Don't go throwing away your digital camera yet.  Quality, while better than the Nokia 3650 pictures taken at the same time, is still unacceptable for anything other than casual 'gimmick' or casual viewing - you could not hope to print these pictures out with any sort of clarity.

A picture from the Motorola V600.  This was taken in reasonably soft but clear daylight.  Color is fairly accurate and while a bit contrasty, the quality is much better than that offered by the Nokia 3650 below.  This picture is 52kB in size, which means that the V600 has enough storage capacity to hold about 100 of these images.


A same sized picture for comparison, taken from the Nokia 3650.  This picture is much more contrasty, and not as sharp, and there is fringing around the dog.  This picture is 54kB in size.


The V600 camera has two 'zoom' settings.  These are digital zoom settings, not real optical zoom settings, and all they do is reduce the image size.  Here it is in 2x zoom, which as you can see, simply halves the picture size from 640x480 down to 320x240 (a purist would say that this is one quarter the size of the full size picture, but you know what I mean...).  By the way, as you can see, this picture is probably the best quality of all on the page - great color and reasonable detail, and not too contrasty.  This is 15kB in size.


And here it is on maximum four times zoom.  The actual image of the dog is the same in all cases, the only thing that changes is the size of the picture (in this case, it is 160x120 pixels).  Note that there is a purple tinge to this picture, like with the Nokia above.  These small pictures are only 6kB in size - about nine times smaller than the full size images.


Here's another picture, but this time the colors turned out fine.


Another full size picture from the Motorola V600.  This is 54kB in size.  It shows reasonable detail, is not too contrasty, and has good color.


And another full size picture from the Nokia, at 64kb in size.  Definitely inferior to the Motorola V600.

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