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For the last 40 years, David Rowell - The Travel Insider - has been both a corporate traveler and owned a travel wholesaler.  He now writes and consults on industry related issues.

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Which is the Best Choice for You?

That is entirely up to you, and if you wish, why not experiment and choose multiple options, then cancel off the ones you find less helpful.

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Because we talk about large sums of money (when discussing airline profits/losses) we are sometimes trapped by spam filters that think we might be a Nigerian spammer.  Because we talk about sales and discounts all the time, that makes us seem like a different sort of scammer.  And because we sometimes refer to Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, or one of the other Virgin airlines around the world, that can trip yet another type of spam filter!

So please do make sure you get our newsletters.

Every newsletter you get has a link at the bottom of it for unsubscribing or for changing your subscription preferences.

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Once again, welcome to our newsletter.  We started writing this in 2001, and hope to continue doing so with your support for many years to come into the future.



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