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Thank you for considering advertising with The Travel Insider.

We're pleased to work with quality advertisers offering products and services that we feel appropriate for our readers.  All advertising is subject to our review and acceptance, which may be withheld for any reason (and such reason may not necessarily be disclosed).

Website Advertising

There are several ways to advertise on The Travel Insider's website.  The easiest way is to go through the Google Adwords program and target this site as a specific placement for your advertising.  Currently we have both regular text advertising and also 300x250, 160x600, 468x60 and 728x90 ad units - all above the fold - on the site.

That gives you considerable control and flexibility over how you get your message to our readers.

We can also place your ad directly onto pages on the site, and/or can consider various other types of promotional exposure to best suit your product/service and needs.


Rates can be agreed depending on whether you're seeking CPM, CPC, CPA, flat rate exposure or some other method of calculation, and on the time and hassle factor to get your message onto our pages.

Our preference is for CPM advertising, and for a minimum buy of $500, which would probably represent about 50,000 exposures (ie $10 CPM).

Circulation Data and Page Views

Page view information depends on the pages selected.  In total the site has about half a million page views a month.


You are responsible for the provision of all materials in final form.  We can serve or you can serve advertising content.

Newsletter Advertising

We publish a newsletter most weeks to an opt-in list of readers, many of whom have been receiving the newsletter for five or more years and avidly reading most issues.

Text or image advertisements can be added to the newsletter, and special dedicated newsletters can be also be sent to readers.

For privacy reasons, we retain ownership of our readers' email addresses and so send emails on your behalf.


Rates for advertising in the regular newsletter are for a minimum three issue campaign, and start at $500.

Rates for dedicated mailings to members are negotiated depending on the appropriateness of message and value to readers, and are higher.

Circulation Data and Page Views

Our mailing list is cleaned every week to remove bad email addresses.

We claim a theoretical readership of 22,000, but newsletter open, read, and forward-on statistics are difficult to accurately establish.  We estimate a cumulative count of about 20,000 potential unique individuals may be exposed to your message per three week campaign and at least half that number will read it at least once.


You are responsible for the provision of all materials in final form.

Site Sponsorship

Become a site sponsor and get recognition and linking on all web pages and all newsletters.  Quite apart from any direct sales that result, the direct linking from Google favored pages on our site helps your own website's search result positioning.

To qualify, a site sponsor needs to extend a special offer to Travel Insider readers, and must be a bona fide business/service provider considered appropriate for us to ally with.

Sponsorship is for a minimum six month period and requires a minimum $5000 commitment.

For More Details

Please contact me - David Rowell - to discuss the best way to create a win-win-win for you, for me, and for Travel Insider readers.

Last update 30 May 2021

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