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Blackberries and other Smartphone/PDA units offer an apparent easy and effective solution to the 'problem' some of us face about keeping in constant contact.

But - for sure - there are some compromises built into the units and their functionality.  Let us know what you've found that is good and what is bad, and how you've adapted to make best use of the unit yourself.

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Reader Feedback about Email on the Go solutions

Do you use a Blackberry?  Or perhaps you use one of the growing number of other phone/PDA type units - a Treo, or other Smartphone device.

Here's a chance for you to share what you've learned, and help us all best take use of these new devices and technologies.




If you use a portable email unit, or if you're considering buying one, or even if you aren't considering buying one, it would be interesting and helpful to understand your thoughts and your experiences.

Please answer as many - or as few - of the questions below as you wish.  No salesman will call, you're not identifying yourself, so your privacy is safe.

Many thanks for helping give us all a more balanced understanding of these units.




Please answer as best you can the following questions

Do you have a portable email device at present

If you have a portable email device at present, please give its make and model (if you have more than one, give details of your favorite unit)

If you have more than one portable email device at present, what other make/model units do you have

Have you owned other portable email devices in the past?  If so, what makes/models?

If you don't have a portable email device at present, do you plan to get one in the future

What brand are you most likely to choose if you buy a new or replacement portable email device in the future?

Thinking about the device you listed above as your favorite unit, about when did you buy it?

If you have a portable email device at present, do you plan to upgrade/replace it

Thinking about the device you listed above as your favorite unit, what do you like best about it

What do you like least about it

Do you use the unit for business or personal email (or both)

Did it meet your expectations?

Did you find it easy or difficult to master the unit and become proficient and productive

Do you have any clever tricks or suggestions for other users

Has the unit made you more productive

Overall, please rate your satisfaction with the unit

Any other ideas, suggestions and comments





Originally published 30 June 2006, last update 20 Jul 2020

You may freely reproduce or distribute this article for noncommercial purposes as long as you give credit to me as original writer.




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