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Wednesday 12 August, 2009

Good afternoon

A quick note on three points.

First, there's an interesting short term sale at JetBlue.  They are offering an unlimited travel pass for $599, good for as much travel as you wish in a one month period from 8 September through 8 October.  If you are in one of the more than 50 cities served by JetBlue, and if you might be able to use the pass for perhaps a couple of coast to coast roundtrips, it could save you considerably.  But be sure to check how regular the JetBlue service is between the places you would visit - although JetBlue offers good convenient services to/from some cities, other cities are not nearly so well served.

See the JetBlue website for full details.

Second, I'd been hoping to get the $500 per person saving on our Christmas Markets cruise extended beyond the current cut-off of this Friday.  As of now, there's been no response to my request for an extension from Amawaterways, so if you've been thinking maybe you might choose to come with us, please do see if you can take advantage of this substantial saving - to do so, you will need to get your cruise deposited prior to the end of Friday.

Full details here.

Third, after comments from several of you arising from my discussion about Priceline in last week's newsletter, I'm writing an article about how best to book hotels using Priceline's unique approach, to be the feature article this week.  If you're a hotelier and have some experience from the hotel side of things with the Priceline service, and if you'd be willing to give some general background comments (which I will keep totally confidential) to help ensure the article is as complete as possible, please let me know.  I can quickly send you a few questions that you might be able to help with.

Your help would be very much appreciated.  (Oh, and if you're a normal traveler type user of Priceline with any helpful comments, those would of course be helpful too!)

That's it for now.  The usual newsletter will follow on Friday morning.

Until then, please enjoy safe travels

David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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