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Thursday 13 May, 2010

Good morning

There is an important error in the email I just sent out, an error that might completely change the value of the Air NZ special fares to you.

I got the press release from Air NZ about this special fare late yesterday, and their website was not live with the new fare when I wrote the special newsletter, which I sent to you exactly at 5am so as to give you the best chance of taking advantage of what seemed to be a blockbuster of an amazing deal.

But now that the fare details are live on the Air NZ website it unfortunately it appears that the press release omitted a very important and relevant exclusion in the fine print.  Shame on Air New Zealand.

Alas, this very low fare does not give you frequent flier miles with any of their partner airlines.  It is eligible for Air New Zealand's Airpoints Dollars program, but not for anything else.  And so, what was an amazing deal every which way - a $399 fare including perhaps $260 worth of frequent flier miles - is not quite so good a deal if the frequent flier miles would have value to you.  Instead, now you should consider the $399 fare as being equivalent to a $660 fare that does include frequent flier miles.

And that's only $17 less than what you could buy an airfare to New Zealand for anyway, flying on Qantas, with more choices of dates and times, and on an airline I generally consider to be superior.

So, if you'd like to go down to New Zealand anytime soon, perhaps the real message is to fly Qantas and collect frequent flier miles into a OneWorld carrier (or Alaska Airlines) frequent flier account.

Stay tuned for the regular newsletter tomorrow, and until then, please enjoy safe travels

David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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