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Tuesday 20 April, 2010

Good afternoon

NEWSFLASH - In the UK, the CAA (equivalent of US FAA) is opening up the UK's airspace at all airports from 10pm UK time tonight (2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern time), for all flights, as a result of redefining the allowable amount of ash exposure to planes.

It will take a while for flight schedules to return to normal, but at least the log jam is clearing.

This does not guarantee that all flights will always operate in the future, regardless of ash levels, but it seems to indicate that airspace closures will not be on such a hair trigger.

One assumes that the EU will follow soon suit and relax its airspace closures too.

Details here :  https://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/apr/20/iceland-volcanic-ash-airports-reopen

Stay tuned for the regular newsletter on Friday, and until then, please enjoy safe travels

David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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