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Tuesday 24 February 2009 

Good morning

This is a short email focused on a single exciting point, and that is our upcoming June/July river cruise in Germany, with pre-cruise option in Paris and post-cruise option in Prague.

After mentioning it in Friday's newsletter, we've already have five people join and pay in full; and another four who have signed up with payments pending, so this is proving to be a popular travel opportunity that seems to align well with what people are currently looking for.

To quickly recap, you can save up to $900 each on this lovely one week cruise along the beautiful Mosel and Rhine rivers in Germany.

Reader Tom says

We have done this entire itinerary before; I can assure you that the Mosel River is the most beautiful in Germany if not all of Europe.

And reader Judy (I think it was her) said

The savings is like upgrading for free all the way from an E to an A category cabin.

Needless to say, Judy booked an A category cabin.  Not only is a top of the line A cabin now cheaper than a regular priced E cabin, but all the other cabin categories are massively discounted too.

Reader George (also now in an A cabin) says

As luck would have it we met a couple last evening who have cruised with Amawaterways, they spoke very highly of their experience. Now we're really excited.

The bottom line is simple.  This is a wonderful cruise on perhaps the best river cruise line, and on their brand new ship, at a great time of year, through a lovely part of Europe, and at a splendid bargain price.

Please do consider taking advantage of this bargain priced cruise, and the wonderful exchange rate values currently in Europe, and join a growing number of your fellow Travel Insider readers (and myself) on this cruise.

Full details here.

Lastly, as a reward and thank you for reading this far, Friday's newsletter had a bad link to the item that shows how very differently airport and runway planning was conducted 65 years ago.  Ah, for the 'good old days'.  Here's the correct link - and as best I can ascertain, it truly is a valid document.

Until the regular newsletter on Friday, please enjoy safe travels, and I hope to meet you in June!

              David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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