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Tuesday 23 September 2008 

A mistake and an opportunity

Good morning

I made a very regrettable mistake in Friday's newsletter, courtesy of ongoing adversary, Frontpage, which needs to be corrected asap.  Plus there's a wonderful travel deal that you'll want to know about as soon as possible - save $500 per person, plus 5% extra, on a range of different Amawaterways cruises later this year.

Firstly, the mistake.  For complicated reasons best known to Frontpage, it 'helpfully' changed the links to invalid settings for the 2008 Fundraiser page in Friday's newsletter, meaning if you tried to donate by clicking on the obvious link in Friday's newsletter, you probably weren't able to get to the donation page unless you were very clever and puzzled out the link for yourself.

This meant only a very few people contributed.  Please, if you tried and failed to get to the contribution page on Friday, click again now.  This link should work.

And if you haven't yet had a chance to click over, there's no such as thing as being too late!  All contributions are welcomed, and all are needed.  You're the beneficiary of over 300,000 words on broadly ranging topics loosely defined as 'travel and travel related technology' each year, all freely given from me to you.  Hopefully something each year helps you, even in a small way.  In return, I ask, once a year during this 'PBS style' brief fundraising season, that you consider a small measure of reciprocity.

Most readers are giving between $20 - $50; some give more and others give less.  Any amount is appreciated, and all amounts are desperately needed to keep this bold project alive and well for the next twelve months, the same as it has been for the almost seven years preceding.

We need another 350 supporters to meet this year's modest goal of 650 supporters.  Please choose to be a supporter and either make a quick convenient credit card contribution online now, or alternatively, send in an old fashioned check (mailing info is also on the linked page) if that is better for you.

And now, here's something I can offer to you in return.  A limited offer super special saving from Amawaterways (formerly Amadeus Waterways) on a Baker's Dozen (ie 13) of their cruises later this year, spread over four different cruising itineraries.

The very good news is that our own Travel Insider Christmas Markets cruise qualifies for this saving, too.  Yes, you can now come with us on the Christmas Markets cruise for $1000 (per couple) less than it would have cost you this time last week.  That is a saving of up to 30% off their already good value prices.

I've never seen such a broad range of savings like this from Amawaterways before, and I've been working with them pretty much since the day they opened for business.  And I don't expect to see anything similarly good from them again next year, so if you're a travel bargain hunter, now is the time to seize one of these deals, before the space sells out.

Here's a page I quickly put together with summary information on the four different cruises and the 13 sailing dates on sale, with links to more information on the Amawaterways website, and I've updated the pricing on our own Christmas Markets cruise to reflect the new pricing there, too.

The normal newsletter will come out on Friday morning, of course.  Until then, please enjoy safe travels

              David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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