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Tuesday 1 May, 2007 

Travel Insider Christmas Cruises

Good morning or afternoon

And happy May Day to you.

I tentatively mentioned the possibility of arranging a New Year in Vienna cruise for this December/January in last Friday's newsletter.  This has created a lot of interest, and so I'm offering it as a definite guaranteed Travel Insider Group Tour and now have a detailed page of information plus a couple more pages of day by day itinerary information on the website (links below).

This cruise has understandably also generated some confusion in terms of whether you should choose the New Year cruise or the very similar Christmas Markets cruise that we'll be doing three weeks earlier.  So here are some comments as to the differences between the two cruises to help you decide if either might be of interest to you.


Christmas Markets

New Year in Vienna

Cruise Dates

Start Nuremberg Sun 9 Dec
End Budapest Sun 16 Dec

Start Budapest Sun 30 Dec
End Nuremberg Sun 6 Jan

Pre Cruise options

Travel Insider extension in Munich with touring around Bavaria for 1 or 2 nights

Travel Insider extension in Budapest with touring in Budapest and Szentendre for 1 or 2 nights

Post Cruise options

Travel Insider extension to Prague by coach for 2 or 3 nights with touring around Prague and to Cesky Krumlov

Amadeus extension to Prague by coach for 2 nights or Amadeus cruise continuation to Amsterdam, ending Sunday 13 January

Christmas Markets



New Year



Travel Insider extras

On board cocktail parties
Special Travel Insider tour to Salzburg

New Year's celebration in Vienna
On board New Year Party
Tour to Salzburg
Special discounts for 3 or more people traveling together


Cruise from $1599 per person

Cruise from $1599 per person


Probably close to identical, perhaps slightly colder for the New Year cruise and more likely to have some snow


A wonderful opportunity to buy unique gifts for everyone on your Christmas list.

C cabins now sold out

Bring your friends and family to celebrate New Year in Vienna and save up to 10% per person.

Take advantage of the slow time of year between Christmas and New Year to go to Europe for this wonderful experience.

Link to full details

About the Cruise
Day by Day Itinerary

About the Cruise
Day by Day Itinerary

Of course, you could be like me and do both cruises!  But, assuming you decide to do only one rather than both cruises, then either cruise is sure to delight, just as they have exceeded the expectations of people who have been on our two earlier Christmas cruises and one earlier Russian cruise.  Choose the one that best fits with your holiday schedule, and I'll look forward to meeting you somewhere in December.

One technical note - the application to join form is rather slow to respond after you've completed it.  Please allow it up to a minute to give you an acknowledgement.

The regular newsletter will appear on Friday morning, of course.

Until then, please enjoy safe travels

              David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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