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Thursday 7 July, 2005 

Special Airfare Alert - BA to Britain, QF to New Zealand

Here's a great deal and a good deal.

First, the great deal.  BA are announcing an extraordinary low Business Class airfare to Britain from the US.  It is $2012 - and that is roundtrip!!!

The significance of the price is, of course, to note London's win of the Olympic Games for 2012.  And it sure is a gold medal sized discount to be able to get business class for $2012 - this typically costs up to four times as much.

Even better news - this price applies for travel from any of BA's 19 departure cities in the US.  It is good for travel commencing from 4 August and 15 September - right through the best of Britain's summer season.  Taxes, and probably ridiculously unfair surcharges too are on top of the fare, but for a price not much more than the very high rates coach fares across the Atlantic are going for this summer, here's a chance to enjoy BA's lie-flat sleeper bed seats.

The catch?  It is only on sale today (ie Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).  Fares should be available through travel agents, by calling BA at 800 AIR-WAYS, or on their website.  And, of course, various restrictions etc apply.

Now for the good deal.  Qantas is offering $798 fares from Los Angeles to Auckland (including their various surcharges, but taxes are extra).  They also have low fares from other places in the US, and to other places in NZ, and with optional stop overs, too (expect to pay more of course).

These fares are good for travel commencing any time from 1 August through 8 December, so you can travel in their lovely spring.  These fares are only on sale until Monday 11 July.

Of course, availability is limited, and various restrictions apply.  Unfortunately this fare seems to be only available from the Qantas website.

Best of all, you can use this fare to join our NZ Tour.

Until Friday morning, please enjoy safe travels

              David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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