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Wednesday 21 July, 2004 

Good morning

In the last three days I've had two different readers ask me if I plan to offer any fall tours this year.  I had not planned any, but the idea has great appeal - speaking for myself, I'd love a break in September!

And so this is the question I'm now asking you - would you like to come on a late summer tour with me and a few other readers to England, or to Scotland, or to Russia?

I've put together sample itineraries for four tours, and a survey in which you can record your interests and preferences.

Based on your responses, I'll confirm whatever matches your interests, and then look forward to meeting you in Britain and/or Russia.

Our Scotland tour this past spring was a tremendous success.  Writing about it in USA Today, Joe Brancatelli very kindly said

My wife and I spent a week kicking around Scotland last month and every experience — skillfully arranged by Scotland fan David Rowell, The Travel Insider — was nearly perfect.

Come experience another nearly perfect tour this September.  Please give me your thoughts and preferences now, and I'll design the tours to suit.

The regular newsletter will appear on Friday morning.

Until then, please enjoy safe travels

              David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider

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