Friday, October 26, 2001
Last week's column drew lots of comments (thank you).  In particular, the concept of it being quicker, cheaper and more pleasant to drive than fly struck home with many of you.  The San Francisco Chronicle followed up on Sunday with an article that repeated a lot of my earlier points, and the theme continues to resonate elsewhere (today as far away as the BBC in London).  Just yesterday a traveler pointed out the ultimate imbalance - his 90 minute wait for a 20 minute flight (inter-island in Hawaii).  Sadly, he can't drive between islands!

Meantime, as another follow up from last week, United Airline's outside Directors held an unusual 'emergency meeting' on Wednesday.  It was widely rumored that they might fire current Chairman Goodwin and replace him with his predecessor, Gerald Greenwald, but as of the time of writing this, the Board has yet to comment on the reason for or results of its meeting.

This week's lead storyPoor Manís Business Class - or Rich Manís Coach Class :  Is BA's new 'World Traveler Plus' service a temptation to encourage travelers to spend more on airfares, or an opportunity for business travelers to spend less than Business Class while still enjoying most of the benefits? I report back on my experiences after a recent flight in this cabin - click the link for the full story.

Finally, I really don't like to kick a dog when it's down, and I don't mean to exclusively focus on United - a once and hopefully in the future again fine airline.  But their latest blunder should serve as a signal warning to other airlines about how not to act in the new security conscious mode we all find ourselves in - see my editorial for more details.

Until next week, please enjoy safe travels.....

David M Rowell aka The Travel Insider
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