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Airline Mismanagement

This is a second page of screen shots taken on 11 April detailing the shortfall between BA's promised low fare availability and the actual low fares available.  Full details are available on the first page of this series.

This is the second of two pages of screen shots, following through the steps I took to check every date in May for the low fares as advertised/promised.  Page 1  Page 2

7.  So I clicked on the link to the $366 promised fare.  This is what came up.


8.  Alas, no $366 fares.  But there is now a $379 fare that wasn't shown when I first checked,
just a couple of minutes earlier.  So I proceeded to click through the rest of the month, in case the
elusive $366 fare appeared.


9.  Nothing yet.  Here's the next week.


10.  Still nothing.  Everything is $506 or more.  I click on to another week.


11.  And one more click for the last week in May.


So, having now checked through all of May a second time, it is clear that the $366 fare is nowhere
to be found.

We got close, with a $379 each way fare available for three outbound days and one return
day, but this availability is hidden, and if you just do a regular display of availability, the best you'd
find is $391 for a single departure day and $506 for six different return days - a long stretch from
the $366 promised.

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