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International GSM Phone and Mobal SIM

If you'd like a reconditioned 900 MHz GSM phone (Nokia 5110) and Mobal SIM, simply click the link below to order one.

These phones don't work in the US, but do work in most other countries.  You can see a list of countries that use 900 MHz GSM service here.

The 5110 is neither the newest nor smallest phone Nokia has, and it is locked to only work with Mobal SIMs.  Out of fairness to Mobal (who obviously hope you’ll use their SIM to generate some airtime revenue), I won’t be unlocking them.

Because they are refurbished, the phones have no guarantee other than a 'dead on arrival' guarantee - if the phone doesn't work within seven days of receipt, I'll replace it with one that does.  All phones were tested by Mobal before they sent them here, so there shouldn't be any dead on arrival issues.

The kits comprise

  • A refurbished Nokia 5110

  • Two batteries

  • Multi-voltage charger and plug adapters

  • Instruction manual

  • Mobal SIM

The Mobal SIM gives you a UK based phone number that works in over 140 different countries. There are two distinctive and positive features of these SIMs. Firstly, the phone number is yours for life. You don’t have to pay any sort of monthly fee, and it doesn’t expire, even if you don’t use it for a year or more.

Secondly, rather than having to pre-pay money onto the SIM, you are conveniently billed to a credit card each month you use the SIM.

Airtime rates aren’t enormously cheap, but neither are they enormously expensive. If you expect to use a cell phone, internationally, for only a limited amount of calling, the Mobal SIM might be a good solution because of its great convenience. If you visit a few countries a lot, you should use pre-paid SIMs for each specific country, but when visiting other countries, you will find the Mobal SIM handy there.

The Mobal SIM works in any unlocked GSM phone, so if you already have a GSM phone, you can use the SIM in that, too.  Here's a link to order a SIM by itself ($2.50 for a randomly numbered SIM, more for a 'vanity number' SIM).

Your phone kit will be shipped priority mail to you as soon as payment is received.  Phones are not available to UK residents.

The phones are $20 each and shipping is $2.50.  Click here to order one.

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