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'Winter Over Down Under' Reader Survey #2



Follow the sun, and winter over, down under.  Transform the depths of a cold dark northern winter into the lightness and warmth of summer in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

About the concept I'm asking your opinion on

People who live in the Northern Hemisphere (primarily Americans plus some Canadians and British people too) would spend probably some months of each year, during the northern hemisphere winter, living in New Zealand, where the seasons are reversed and the weather is much better.

You could buy perhaps a condo in a block of condos, or maybe a free standing house to be their winter home in New Zealand.

There would be a development with a number of these residences located in the one area.  The development would provide property management services for owners while they were away, and would optionally make the residences available for short term rental (nightly or weekly) to tourists during these times.

A two bedroom condo would cost between US$200,000 and US$250,000; one bedroom condos would of course be cheaper, and larger condos would cost more.  A free standing house will probably cost $50,000 and up above the cost of a condo.

Please help with answers to the survey that follows

Here are a few of the obvious questions that we'd appreciate your thoughts on.  And if you have additional suggestions or comments, please fill in the general comments box on the last page of the survey and add them.

If you find you can't answer questions without knowing more about the concept, feel free to ask me questions before completing the survey.

Your reward?  Helping to design a concept that might end up closely matching your own interests!

All answers are anonymous (unless you tell us who you are, of course).  Even if you do tell us who you are, we're not going to pass your information on to anyone else and won't pester you in the future.

There's no need to answer any question you'd rather leave blank.


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