Spam Survey  
  Your assistance in helping us better understand how spam affects us all is much appreciated.  Thank you for your answers and opinions.

All questions are optional.  Answer as few or (hopefully!) as many as you like.  It is all helpful and appreciated.

Note that all replies are anonymous.  And there is no such thing as 'right' or 'wrong' answers!


How many email accounts do you have
  1    2    3    4    5 or 6     7 or more

Who is(are) your main email account(s) with (please check all that apply)

  MSN/Hotmail      Yahoo      Other Free Service
AOL      From ISP      From work domain      Your own domain
Other please specify -

About how many emails do you receive a day (please show both for spam and non-spam)

Number of Spam Emails Non-Spam Emails
Under 5
6 - 10
11 - 20
21 - 30
31 - 50
51 - 75
76 - 100
101 - 150
151 - 200
201 ++

What type of internet connection do you have at home and at work

Type At Home At Work
Don't have a connection
DSL or cable

What types of email programs do you use at home and at work (please check all that apply)

Program At Home At Work  
Outlook Express  
Web Based  
Don't Know  
Other Name

Do you use any type of anti-spam software or services at present?

  At Home At Work
Don't Know
Name of Program
Is it Effective
What does it cost

How much would you be willing to pay every year for a service that stopped 95% of all spam from ever reaching your email inbox?

Amount At Home At Work
Under $10
$11 - $15
$16 - $20
$21 - $25
$26 - $30
$31 - $35
$36 - $40
$41 - $50
$51 +

If you don't already use a spam service, why do you not use one (please check all that apply)

    Already have one
  No need - spam isn't a big deal
  Not worth the cost
  Too complicated/technical to set up and use
  Don't know which one to choose
  Unconvinced of their effectiveness
  Corporate policy
  Other : 

Please consider the following statements and then rate your opinion from 1 to 5 where

   0  means you don’t understand or have no opinion
   1  means you strongly agree
   2  means you moderately agree
   3  means you neither agree nor disagree
   4  means you moderately disagree
   5  means you strongly disagree



      1=Agree  <- Neutral -> Disagree=5

Email is an Essential Part of My Business Life 5
Email is an Essential Part of My Personal Life 5
Spam is just one of those things that can’t be avoided 5
Spammers will outwit every type of anti-spam service 5
The government will soon solve the spam problem by outlawing it 5
Spam inconveniences me greatly 5
I am very offended by the X-rated spam that I receive 5
Anti-spam services are more trouble than they are worth 5
Anti-spam services can effectively eliminate at least 95% of all spam 5
I would feel very uncomfortable having my email automatically filtered through an external anti-spam service 5
I know a lot about the internet, email, and software in general 5
I am comfortable installing my own software and tweaking my computer 5
I have no hesitation using my credit card to buy things over the internet 5
The amount of spam I get is increasing faster than the amount of regular mail I get 5

How many years have you been using the internet?

  Under 1    1-2    2-4    4-6    6+

Can you forward your email to a different email address if you want to/need to?

  At Home At Work
Yes I can, and yes I sometimes have
Yes I can, but I have never done this
I believe it is possible in theory but I don't know how myself
This is not possible
I don't know
What is email forwarding?

If you have any other comments, ideas, opinions or suggestions, please let us know


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